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Micro-Small Stakes Full Ring Discussion of up to 1/2 online no-limit pot-limit Texas hold'em full ring games, situations and strategies

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Brussels Sprout
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Re: Where to look for major leaks post flop?

Originally Posted by bjorntobias View Post
Where should one start to look when the aim is to improve post flop play?
This is the full ring forum. You'll certainly get better advice over on the 6max forum.

If you're trying to adapt your game by playing more hands then I'd start by playing less tables since you're going to be in more new spots which is going to be trickier from a cognitive point of view.

It's probably easiest to expand your button and cutoff ranges first so that you'll be in position more often which should make things easier post-flop.

If you've got a very high flop c-bet then bring that down a bit too or otherwise you'll be very exploitable. If you don't have one already develop a check-calling range for yourself.
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Re: **** Official Stats and Graphs Analysis Thread ****

I am playing 9-handed 10NL on After 25,600 hands I am winning 18.8bb/100 and I see the flop 14.7% of the time. I look to only play in games with over $2 average pot and over 23% players seeing the flop. I consider myself a good player as I win 10bb/hr at $1-$2NL live and 8bb/hr at $2-$5NL live. Is 18.8bb/100 sustainable? What is a good win rate at the 9-handed .25-.50NL on Why is .25-.50NL the highest offered at 9-handed when $100-$200NL is the highest offered 6-handed?

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Re: **** Official Stats and Graphs Analysis Thread ****


Hi there, first post ever.. im playing mostly full ring .50$/1$ , between 4-8 table at the time depending of the time/day.

i was wondering if you could give me feedback on my stats please. i have no idea what stats to aim for. the one in this thread are from early 2000 not sure if its still apply today.

also if anybody playing around the same level would like to share some data, for example win rate per position and stuff so we can compare. talk about hands and/or study or something hit me up.

thanks for any input
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Re: **** Official Stats and Graphs Analysis Thread ****

Nice! Tight is right, so it seems! Not playing too aggressive and it works out.
Inspiring! (haha)
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