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Old 07-21-2018, 12:42 PM   #1
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My huge LEAK in NL2

I have played holder for around 2months now. Studied a lot and I have decent knowledge of basic things. I have played mostly 2NL 6max and 4NL 6max on other site. My Pokertracker shows that my redline is going up and blue line going down. Im around +-0 in my bankroll atm after 15k hands. Sample is small I know, but I feel like I have huge leak in my game.

I think in small stakes I'm loosing a lot money with my blue line going down. Im loosing ton of $ by calling on river only to see I have second nuts. My stats on hud is okay for Preflop. My Preflop is really solid since I'm doing a lot money with only Preflop game. Problems starts when someone calls my c-bet..

Leak example 1
Often this happens after flop.
Hero: BTN with Kh9h

Hero bets 3bb, Villain calls.

I cbet 1/2pot, villain calls

I check, Villain checks

Hero bets pot, Villain raises 2x, hero calls
Villain shows: KsJd

Other hand example what often happens

Leak example 2
Hero: BB with AKo
BTN: Villain

Villain raises 3x, Hero calls

Hero check, Villain bet 1/2pot, Hero calls

Hero check, villain check

Hero bets 3/4pot, Villain raises 3x, Hero calls

Villain shows Q3

I might have grinded early on day like 1BI and then couple these happens and suddenly I'm down 3BI

Whats my own strangy to start plug this leak.
I think I'm going to start to play NL2 Fullring with very tight strategy. Preflop I will play as supposed, but in Turn and River leads/calls I try to keep at minimum. Maybe fold even little bit more than I should to get sample how things are running then.

Any thoughts??
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Old 07-21-2018, 01:19 PM   #2
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Re: My huge LEAK in NL2

yes its a basic leak


never call raises and never bluff.

......until you have very good reads to convince you otherwise.

Also bet your big made hands BIG even if they seem too obvious to get called.

then watch your lines swap over and your profits go up.
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Old 07-21-2018, 01:46 PM   #3
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Re: My huge LEAK in NL2

Yeah, those are exact things I made to start fixing my game. When my blueline starts going up I think I will be solid winner at NL2.

Other leak im plugging now is my small blind. Im losing waay too much money from SB. With 1k sample from only SB im loosing 1,29bb/hand.. Basically just folding everything from SB i would be doing around 80bb/100 better than ATM..

I think what often happens is this: I call some speculative hand from SB and then hit flop decently. Then I just call too many streets with not good enough hand and end up folding on river / hero calling with second nuts.

Good thing is im now aware of both of these leaks (ty PT4) and im working on these. Without these leaks my NL2 winrate should be enormous by my calculations.

I will post in this thread my sample from NL2 FR after I have made around 8k hands!
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Old 07-21-2018, 04:23 PM   #4
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Re: My huge LEAK in NL2

also filter your graphs for the following:

called raise pre
called 3b pre
called cb

see how they look
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Old 07-22-2018, 02:13 AM   #5
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Re: My huge LEAK in NL2

Big river raises are almost always the nuts at NL2. Stop calling them. And go for value. Your check on the turn in hand 1 is criminal.
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Old 07-23-2018, 10:00 AM   #6
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Re: My huge LEAK in NL2

I guess you don't bet enough with your good hands. You are probably betting too often with bluffs or mediocre hands. Stay simple: build the pot when your equity is high, in other words, go for value when you have the best hand. Don't slowplay great but vulnerable hands.
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Old 08-14-2018, 05:29 AM   #7
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Re: My huge LEAK in NL2

Yeah same thoughts, dont slow play!
Just flat it if you have nuts ,you got lots of folds but belive me ,if fish is holding Pocket AA or KK he never folds,no matter what board texture looks like and imo you should cbet more than just 1/2 pot, I cbet like 60% of pot
And sb losses I usually look attempt to steal % per player and dont let evryone just steal my blinds ,imo blinds play should be simple re-raise or fold ,dont slowplay or limp because you are OOP
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Old 08-14-2018, 12:48 PM   #8
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Re: My huge LEAK in NL2

You got missunderstanding of teory and plenty work to do, AKo just call in sb? K9s obvious turn cbet, if you fold everything on sb your w/r would be -50bb/100 not -80bb I assume your 3bet freq preflop is bad since you call AK you also have sb flat strateqy which is not so good. Postflop is hard to say but if they are so station start to thinly valuebetting and decreasse bluff freq
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Old 08-14-2018, 11:53 PM   #9
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Re: My huge LEAK in NL2

The lines should be reversed. Your likely being too aggro with marginal holdings, a redline going up at these stakes isn’t desirable.

So essentially your betting a lot when no worse can call. So you fold our hands you beat (redline goes up) and when you’re called you’re behind (blue line goes down)

A lot of these hands are coolers and will end up being 0ev long term as you’ll get the same back. Concentrate on value and sdv theory. You’ll see a big difference.

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Old 08-16-2018, 06:16 PM   #10
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Re: My huge LEAK in NL2

Don't know...

In the first hand it seemed like an easy bet on the turn. You extract from some Kx and also some QJ, JT type holdings. I'd even bet big as villain shouldn't be fold those holdings. As for the river, you bet pot and villain raises so I think it's pretty hard for him to be bluffing. That said, he was still giving you 4/1 in the call (I think) and as some villains in NL2 as bad enough to value bet 2pair in the this spot (is true, I've seen it) I don't think calling is all that bad.

For the second hand I don't see why you didn't 3bet AK BBvsBU, to me it's a madatory 3bet. After you just call I think you have to call down cause you have a hand that's way better than you're suppose to have in this spot, I mean, villain could easily be value betting worse Kx.

I won't repeat what everybody already said (no point in that) but in you place I'd look for similar spots in my DB and see how often my river calls were right. Remember that, based on pot odds, there's basically no spot where you have to be right half of the time, therefore, you might be making profitable calls, meaning you're wrong most of the time but still right enough of the time to be profitable, and just tricking yourself to think you're not.
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