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Old 08-31-2017, 11:58 AM   #1
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Made flush, crappy run out paired board

.05/.10 nl
170 BB effective

first hand so i posted blind. dealt 5◇6◇

UTG and UTG+1 fold,hero check, lojack raises to 0.35, BTN calls, BB calls, hero calls

Flop: 4◇10◇7♤ ($1.48)

BB check, hero check, LJ bets $0.75, BTN calls, BB folds, hero calls.

Turn: K◇ ($3.67)
hero check, LJ bets $1.93, BTN folds, hero calls.

river: 7♧ ( $7.34)

hero checks, LJ bets ($4.59)
hero tank folds.

i flop a gutshot and a fd so i called. on the turn i wanted to raise and didnt because we were so deep and i had a baby flush and wanted to see what the river brings. in hindsight i shouldve raised and got it in. i had seen the villan bet heavy when he flopped top pair etc. and shut down betting the river twice when the board counterfeited or ran out in a bad way. so when he barrels again on the river the only hands that make sense are higher fd which are still unliekly. a set like 1010 or KK that boated up on the river, or maybe aces? either way raise turn? or should i call or raise the river?

thanks and sorry for no hand history. wsop dooesnt give me a hand history file.
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Re: Made flush, crappy run out paired board

Originally Posted by Durrdadurr View Post
i flop a gutshot and a fd
You actually flopped an OESD and FD. Flop seems like a good spot to c/r and if I don't otf, I'm definitely c/r'ing the Turn.

Also, don't post your blind early.
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Brussels Sprout
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Re: Made flush, crappy run out paired board

get it in on the turn.

I honestly had to double-check the board to make sure I read the hand correctly when I saw that you folded the river. That is super weak. Seriously if you're going to be afraid of higher flushes in these kind of scenarios then don't play suited connectors.

Villain could be doing this with a pile of stuff that you beat:

AK, AA, K10
AQ, AJ, A10 where he has the Ace of diamonds

There are a lot more potential combos of the above out there then there are potential full house making holdings.
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