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Re: @@@*** January 2018 - Goals / Progress / Results Thread ***@@@

Originally Posted by kevinb1983 View Post
[x] 100 table hours - 103ish hours

[ ] 8 study hours - probably 3 or 4 hours

[ ] 12 exercise sessions - about once every year or two I get cluster headaches which flare up when I'm active. unfortunately this was one of those times and I didn't really get over them till the end of the month. ended up with probably 5 sessions

[x] get drunk <10 times - with the headaches I didn't really go out much so I actually did okay here

[ ] ship a donkament - so so close. took 7th in a 25k guaranteed. bvb all in on a flop for massive chip lead with KK vs flush draw, villain gets there on turn, game time. I woulda won that ***** if I fade


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