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general question about playing pp with overcards

so say you have JJ on the BTN and 3 bet a MP open and the flop comes K♧Q♧2♡ and we have the jack of clubs.

is it correct to cbet this board the majority of the time? i want to take a stab at the pot, on the other hand, a queen and king are going to call at least one street so all im doing is gettinf value from flush draws and folding out any air which im happy to do. also if we were OOP is it better to check a flop like this or continue ti bet to try to take down the pot?

against looser opponents... i would three bet smaller and therefore havr a smaller pot on the flop than if they were tight. since i have to fold to raise betting against a loose opponents seems bad in or out of position but i want to give myself a chamce to take down the pot against his holdings that missed.

tighter opponents i would want to bet on the larger side to fold out air and make it convincing bc if i had a K or Q i would want to charge any draws.

but heres where i get confused... say they call, should i continue to bet some cards or check? i feel like im getting exploited evertime i check the turn with a decent underpair bc i almost always face a pot sized lead on the turn but betting just seems like im value towning myself,

are my resonings and thoughts somewhat in the ball park of what i should be prioritizing or am i just stoned and out in left field?
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Re: general question about playing pp with overcards

Totally depends on the villain. Specifically how often they call 3bets. You have to ask yourself the question, "What hands are they going to not fold, not 4bet but call with out of position?"

Your typical tight aggressive player hates playing OOP in 3bet pots. For many of them their 3bet calling range is literally QQ and JJ. Sometimes they'll have AK but often they'll choose to either 4bet or dump that. If they're any good their range will alter depending on how they view you and your likely 3betting range. Some of them will actually call with all of their pocket pairs as a set-mining effort if they think that your 3betting range is particularly narrow and they can stack you if they hit.

Against looser players their calling range will likely have a lot more Aces in it. They'll be calling with AK, AQ, AJ, KQ and a lot of suited broadways. When these types of hands are added to the range then they'll tend to dominate it since there are far more combos of unpaired hands then there are of paired ones.

So in your example I'd be more comfortable c-betting players in the first category then I would the second.
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