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Folding a pair of deuces on Big Blind?

The action starts with the UTG folding, then this guy from UTG+1 shoves 2.x BBs and the UTG+2 calls, the rest of the table folds and the action goes back to me, I was unsure if I had to call it or not, first thing I thought was the Set Value theory. Which basically stands for, if you're dealt with a low pair the only hand you'll probably lead with post flop is a set and also you shouldn't invest more than 10% of your stack pre flop, which in this case would be $680. So I had to call $653, but I wasn't comfortable with a pair of deuces on that position.

In micro tournaments specially close to the bubble people shove any Ax, Kx and 77+ (suited or unsuited). So when the UTG+1 shoved, the only thing I could think of was this guy has an Ace and the chances for that Ace appear on the flop is more likely than a deuce, plus, his equity increases even more knowing that any 3+ kicker will beat me too.

With the UTG+2 calling the All-in, honestly it made my decision easier, because I didn't want to go post flop with a guy with almost as many chips as I and me holding a pair of deuces. The players equity pre flop was almost the same honestly:
  • Big Blind (me) = 30.84%
  • UTG+1 = 32.75%
  • UTG+2 = 36.41%
I was getting 19% pot odds which makes this call profitable, but still I wasn't sure about it and I decided to fold the hand. They went to the flop and it's 2J2, imagine my face looking at that flop... Personally I think this kind of flop rarely happens specially for a pair of deuces (at least I try to comfort myself by repeating it constantly ).

The turn is a 6 and the river is a 8 and the UTG+2 wins the pot of $3506 with Ace High. I'm just not sure if I could extract the maximum value possible from that flop, turn and/or river because I don't know if he was aggresive enough to hold post flop with Ace High.

I would like to hear your guys opinions about this hand and also feel free to see it by clicking here.

João Brgai.
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Re: Folding a pair of deuces on Big Blind?

This section is for cash games, not tournaments. Use the built in hand history converter.

You are getting an extremely good price to see a flop here - 6-1. You will sometimes realize your equity since v cant bluff much as he has to beat utg+1. You also have close to implied odds to setmine. Combining the two should make this a profitable call.
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