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Fold to Check Raise?

This is my first post and I am hand typing the hand history so please let me know if I left out any critical information.

.05/.10 9 Max

Hero (UTG+2) $10.93
(CO) $10.39
(SB) $10.26

Pre Flop: (pot 0.15) Hero has AK

Fold, Hero raises to 0.50, fold, fold, CO calls 0.50, fold, SB calls 0.50, fold

Flop: (1.60, 3 players) QKJ

SB checks, Hero bets 0.90, CO folds, SB calls 0.90

Turn: (3.40, 2 players) 3

SB checks, Hero bets 2.00, SB raises 4.50, Hero calls

River: (12.40, 2 players) Q

SB checks, Hero goes all-in for $4.36 effective, SB calls

SB wins with QJ

I opened to 5BB's in an attempt to get the hands heads-up. Its my standard raise size. I bet flop to get value from lesser pairs, straight, and flush draws. Villian checks the turn and I continue for value. Villian check raises me, but I feel like I have to call given that I still have outs to the nut straight. River pairs the board and Villian checks again. I go all-in as I believe that I counterfeited Villians two pair before the river. Althought looking back I should have questioned what two pairs the Villian had as I only bet KJ and QJ and KQ improve to a full house.

Should I have folded to the check raise on the turn? Should I have played any street differently? I have been playing poker for a few years, but never studied the game outside of playing.

Thank you.
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