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First attempt at a hand analysis

I could not figure out how to export the hand, so typed it (PITA).

This is the first hand I have tried to analyse, so please let me know where my understanding is wrong.

I have no HUD, and I had not identified any players playing particularly tight or loose - although the average pot is 0.19 so I assumed very passive.

Bet online $0.01/0.02 NLHE - 9 players
BTN: $3.51
SB: $2.05
BB: $0.29
Hero (UTG):$2.10
UTG: $1.87
MP1: $0.49
MP2: $2.54
MP3: $1.64
CO: $0.97

Pre Flop: Hero is UTG with Qc Jc
Hero raises to $0.06,5 folds, MP1 calls 0.06, SB calls 0.05

Flop: ($0.20) 2c 9c 4c (3 players)
SB Checks, Hero raises $0.013, MP1 calls, SB all in $1.99, Hero calls $1.86, MP1 folds.

Turn,river, showdown

My thoughts:
Pre flop:
3bb raise - QJs is a borderline hand for me UTG, in hind sight I feel I should have raised more as I had 2 callers. Do I want one caller or just take the blinds?

Post flop:
With 2 callers and the 3rd nut flush a Cbet of 1/2 pot seems correct to me (I cant see what the turn and river could bring that would make my hand worse so i figured on getting maximume value). - I am quite confident this raise amount was correct.

All in decision:
All i had time to think was " big raise to stop me drawing to a flush, maybe he has an over pair' then it seemed like an easy call.
I had 3rd nut flush on the flop, but pot odds are only 1.46:1

Since the hand I have used equilab to try and analyse it, my method (probably completly wrong);
as 2 of 8 called I assigned a 25% call range - he is in the middle of the table so I feel this could be the best guess, then I thought as he did not re-raise maybe AA KK can be removed (passive table)
His range:


Flop gives 942c.
Any way Equilab gives me 91% chance of winning at this point.

villan goes all in $1.86 into a $0.46 pot. I cannot understand this move so I do not know how to learn from this using Equilab (if this is even an appropriate way to use the software), unless he wanted to rep an over bet to steal, beleiving me to see it and call (if so he was right).
Anyway I reduced his range to: Suited clubs and TT+, which gives me 53%. - lower than i thought also i guess i should include the fact that he may have been bluffing, but with such a large bet, i do not know where to place that value. Furthermore, should i conciddered that he may have been holdingout for a flush draw?

Any or all feedback on my analysis or play welcome, as I am keen but clueless! Thanks
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Old 04-15-2018, 12:13 AM   #2
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Re: First attempt at a hand analysis

First of all, welcome to the world of poker and thinking about poker analysis. You're thinking ahead of the competition at these stakes.

Second, clean up your terminology and positions a bit. You've listed two UTG positions. You said five people folded and a MP (middle position player) calls. You cannot be in middle position after 5 folds. If I followed the action right, the button called. I am going to assume that you were under the gun and that you had one player who had position on you postflop and the SB who you had position on. Also, you cannot "raise" on the flop if you are the first to bet. You can only raise if someone else bet that round before you. You bet $0.013.

As far as the hand goes, this went pretty standard pre-flop. You made a 3x big blind raise, which is fine in general. If you want less callers, it is okay to go up to 5x-6x the big blind, which is probably better at these stakes (or live 1/2 games) where I assume people are going to be playing way too many hands.QJ suited is a fine open, but can be difficult to play out of position vs. multiple opponents. You correctly noted that this hand should be at the bottom of your opening range UTG. If your table is calling way too many hands, you might want to just fold QJ suited in the UTG spot. I am uncomfortable recommending opens much larger than this, however, and it is optimal to go 2.5x-3x once you move up in stakes.

The postflop bet is good, and of good size. There's a lot of hands the button is calling. The SB did not play any possible hand correctly, so it is difficult to say what they are doing- at these stakes, I am going to assume that they are "protecting" any 9, a set, a lower flush, or semi-bluffing with an Ace of clubs. If they have an A or K high flush already, good for them, but I don't think they'd play it this way. You should be ahead of any holding they have and happily call it off.

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Old 04-15-2018, 01:19 AM   #3
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Re: First attempt at a hand analysis

CMC thanks for the suggestions, and tips. Your interpretation of the hand was correct.

Many of the hands you feel they are protecting are not included in my preflop hand range; <T8s, <66. This shows my approach of 2/8 called and they are in MP1 so roughly 25% range is way off. I will assign a larger calling range in the future, (Equilab gives 47% of hands to call to get down to 44+), especially as I did not consider the sets in post analysis and lower flushes, due to the range I assigned for preflop call. I really need to focus on how many hands each player plays to help set the ranges in post analysis, if i focus on this hopefully it will come with time.

I agree the all in raise was pretty wild, it threw me completely.
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Old 04-15-2018, 03:23 PM   #4
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Re: First attempt at a hand analysis

Looks like the hand history was altered. How can you raise. 013 from a check?

Yeah raise is alright. Gii otf is good stuff.
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Old 04-16-2018, 07:32 AM   #5
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Re: First attempt at a hand analysis

When I typed up the hand history I made a few mistakes with the terms:
Instead of utg for a villian it should have been utg+1. I bet rather than raised. And the order of the pre flop raise should have been Hero raises to $0.06,1 fold, MP1 calls, 4 folds, 0.06, SB calls 0.05, BB folds. I'll know for next time! Since this hand IV lost a few more buyins, but im analysing more hands and i feel like I'm learning each time
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Old 04-18-2018, 07:43 AM   #6
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Re: First attempt at a hand analysis

That was my first, and last posted hand analysis, had my account blocked But was fun contributing to the poker economy whilst it lasted. Thanks anyway guys!
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