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Thumbs up Correctly Played Trips?

Hi! Long time lurker but this is my first post. I'd appreciate thoughts on how this hand was played and if you think I made mistakes what you would do differently.

Table Context: .02/.05 full game. I'm only 12 hands in with full 100BB and one hand played. Villain has played 4 hands and the one that went to showdown was V opened UTG+1 with one caller, cbet flop and turn, and checked river. He had J-10o and the flop was 2-3-7 rainbow with a 6 on turn and Q on river. He lost to J-7o.

UTG calls and table folds around to me in CO. I raise to .22 with AQs. Villain on button calls and UTG calls.

Flop QQ2 rainbow and checked around because I dont expect either player to have hit.

Turn is offsuit 8. I bet .25 into .70 and get raised by button to .50. His range is almost for sure an 8 or underpair with small chance of a queen or bluff. I reraise to 1.25 and he calls.

I now put his range exclusively on 6-8+,99-JJ, or Q9o-AQ.
River is a 10. I bet 2.40 into the 3.20ish pot and he shoves for 3.40. I of course call and he turns over Q-10.

I feel like my pre/flop play was good. On turn I feel like my bet and reraise was good for extracting value without folding out his call range but would like second opinions on sizing. For river, although I lost I feel like my bet size was good to get value from a Q or force a stubborn call from a loose player. Thoughts on if my bet was good or if I should have checked? Seems like checking here is just plain weak.

All comments are appreciated!

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Re: Correctly Played Trips?

In retrospect I think 3betting .15 more and then shoving river may have been best. Yes? No?
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Brussels Sprout
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Re: Correctly Played Trips?

I'd bet the flop anyway. You're the pre-flop raiser so on a dry flop like this you'd be expected to bet with your entire range. Ask yourself what would you have done if you'd had AK or 88 here? Given that it's multi-way and at least one of the villain's has already exhibited fishy behaviour your chances of at least one of them calling increase. Your job is to get as much money into the pot as possible. Removing an entire street of betting really hinders that goal.

Following on from that your turn bet is way too small. You're trying to be too deceptive here. That is generally a mistake at these levels because you're not taking advantage of the #1 flaw that the population pool has, which is that they don't fold enough.

If they all fold..well chances are you were never going to win much on that hand anyway.

On the turn after he raises I'd make the 3bet much bigger. We're happy to stack off now. He either has air or he's got a hand that he's willing to stack off with as well. If he was a nit then I'd call as his "get it in" range would be almost exclusively full houses but with this guy it'll hopefully be a lot wider.

I wouldn't get too hung up on trying to calculate ranges for fishy players at 5nl. By all means do so for the regs as they'll play more logically and will have narrower ranges which will make things easier to deduce.
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Re: Correctly Played Trips?

Thanks for the reply. I play the full ring micros as practice for live 1/2-2/5 on the weekends so even though ranging is admittedly mostly pointless in micros it does help a ton to be used to in a live setting.

I do like your point about betting the flop since it would be expected with all my range. Had he not reraised the turn there was no way to play for stacks so it makes sense.

If he had been the preflop raiser and i had called to find myself OOP with this flop do you like a donk lead, check-call, or check-raise?
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