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Old 03-11-2017, 08:27 PM   #1
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AJ Should I call?

Should I call pre flop and on the river?

Pokerstars 9 player 2nl

Hero (BB): $1.83 AJ nitty player 14,9,2.2
UTG: $1.67 #36 hands at 15,6,1.5.
CO: $1.44 #24 hands at 14,10,2.0 hasnt c-bet yet.

UTG raises pre flop to $0.06. CO calls $0.06, Hero calls in BB $0.04. Pot $0.19

Flop 7 T J

Checked to CO who bets $0.09. Hero and UTG call. Pot $0.46.

Turn 6 Checked to CO who bets $0.22 into $0.46. Hero calls. Pot $0.90

River 5 hero checks CO goes all-in for $1.07

Hero folds.

Needs to win 35% to call.
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Old 03-12-2017, 01:12 AM   #2
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Re: AJ Should I call?

CO can have JT, 89s, 77, TT. Basically he has a lot of strong hands in his range and he seems like a TAG who isn't going all in with less than 2 pair. You do not even hit the bottom of his value range here, and most tags don't try to pull crazy bluffs. Of course you will see crazy **** now and then but its better to assume people are solid until you see otherwise you will just be paying off every set mine and random 2 pair. Fold river. I think its ok to call pre since you do get good odds to see a flop. Folding is fine too. You can even 3-bet light depending on how often utg folds to 3b.
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