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99 in c/o+1 on paired board

I was playing in a live 2/3 game. I have a stack of about $170 (56ish bb).

Villain 1 UTG- new player only seen about 3 hands and he has folded them all- he calls
Villain 2 UTG+1- appears to be a half way decent LAG player. Called down and has beat my JJ with KQo in having to call a pot sized 3 bet out of position. Hit a Q on the flop, called a continuation bet but checked to show down. Hasn't shown a hand less then top pair.
he calls

Action to me with 99 in C/O+1. I decide to make a raise to 15

Villain 3 Button- a robot TAG- blindly shoved AA with a flush and 4 card straight to lose for 100bb.
she calls

blinds fold and Villain 1 calls, Villain 2 ponders for a min almost mucking his cards, then calls.

Flop come 3 J J

everyone checks

Turn comes K

Checks around again

River is A

Villain 1 checks
Villain 2 bet $35 into a $59 pot

I just robot mucked my hand

Villain 3 fold.

Villain 2 flips of 6-4 bluff and rakes the pot.

I am not sure if calling is an ok play there? In that position with that board, i don't think I can beat 2 players (I think Villain 1 would have had to bet at some point with any A K or J, so he has nothing). So my hand is a bluff catcher at best.

When i look back, i think i should have put a $30-$40 bet on the turn. I feel that there are a fair amount of K's in all of the Villains ranges, but 1 and 2 would have bet if they had one, and 3 would have to have A K or maybe KQ to call, but she played very passive and may have been afraid of the JJ on the flop.

Is calling the $35 a better play then folding the way the hand played out?

Would it been better to make the turn bet then checking?
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Old 04-03-2017, 05:03 PM   #2
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Re: 99 in c/o+1 on paired board

The guy has been at the table for 3 hands and folded them all? Okay... That's standard you know?

Anyway I dont play 2/3 but:

1) Don't check that flop

2) Assuming you check flop and turn, dont call river. A raise might be possible but the way you presented it, id fold too.
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Old 04-07-2017, 07:43 PM   #3
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Re: 99 in c/o+1 on paired board

J J 3 is not a bad flop for 99 tbh however...

...Although a cbet might fold hands tht didnt connect with the board, hands like Ax Kx etc a gd player will realize this and could either call a raise looking to bluff u off the hand on later streets or repop it there and then and get u off an hand just like ur 99 or something like AK/AQ so I think there's merit for both betting or checking depending on the game type, if its a fishy type of game with loose aggro villains i probably bet looking to pick up sum value from somebody in love with a 3 or 44/A3s etc but in a decent game with gd thinking players im more inclined to check it for the reasons stated above, too often in tougher games a smart player will know what ur up to with cbetting a paired board and look to out play u, even if u know tht he knows tht u know this, its still likely to get dicey OTT and RIV so id advocate caution in this spot in tougher games against tougher opponents

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Re: 99 in c/o+1 on paired board

I would cbet flop, both value against broadways floating and lower PP, and a little protection against those same floats. As played i would probably fold river. Against 3 players giving free cards in this specific scenario is something you should avoid, since you are most likely ahead when that flop hits (except for Jx but they will let you know if they have it and you'll probably be able to fold without much trouble)
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