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Micro-Small Stakes Full Ring Discussion of up to 1/2 online no-limit pot-limit Texas hold'em full ring games, situations and strategies

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25NL 6max -- Great River Call?

Bovada Hand -- Villain has been opening close to any two from all positions. Villain slow played a made set on to the river earlier in the game other than that he has been pretty active betting in an almost random fashion all game but in this hand his bet sizing does not align with previous bet size proportions

Villain $80
Hero $35

BU (Villain) -- Opens $1.25 (standard open size)
Hero (SB) -- Flats K9cc
BB Flats

Pot: $2.75

Flop Ac2sKh
Hero check
BB -- Check
Villain bets $2.95
Hero Calls $2.95
BB Folds

Turn: Ad

Pot: $9.8

Hero Checks
Villain Bets $9.99
Hero Flats

Pot: $29.8

River: 3s

Hero checks
Villain -- Bets $22 to put me all in. I snap call.
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Re: 25NL 6max -- Great River Call?

Hi poisoneye just to let you know this is the full ring section but I'll offer my 2c.

You say they've been betting in a random fashion but this one doesn't align. I'm guessing they haven't gone pot, pot, pot.

Again I play full ring but I don't really like a flat of K9s in the SB. I can definitely get behind a raise or fold.

As played, I don't mind the flop and turn call. On the river, since you say they're opening any two then they could have 54s (and 54o?) KQ-KT that beats you. If you've seen them pot, pot, pot putting someone allin with weaker hands such as weaker Kx or anything else then I guess it's an easy call. But you said this betting was different. If it seems different to their usual fishy style I don't mind giving it up and looking for a better spot. You're on their direct left and you'll get more good spots against them.
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