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dats ruff
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Some forum tips

Want to post a video? Go to youtube and find a vid you like. Now check out the address and look to copy these letter/numbers in it. Highlighted in red box, always after the "v=". (not past the & if it's in there)

Take those and insert them in the middle of these brackets. You can copy and paste these ones.


Hit post and you have an embedded video!

How about pictures? Get imgur. Make an account it's easy. Seriously. Hot linking is not cool. Trying to post from your e-mail will be mocked. Imageshack and photobucket work well also. But get imgur.

Now click the image button on top right, and you can click and drag pictures from both your computer and the internet to add them to your account. It's that easy! Or follow "upload images" instruction.

Once pic is in there, click on it and a window will open up and select BBcode, and it's auto copied. Paste in.

What other stuff? "I'd like to put words in to describe links."

Click the "insert link" option shown below. Box will open up, add link hit OK. When you see this, where it is blue, type in your words.

"How about those neato spoilers?" This one is super easy. Hit the Sp button and add anything you want between the code; pics, vids, words...for the element of surprise! Hit post and you're gold.

And that's it. You are now a forum wizard. Go forth and post.

What's it all look like together?

Now lets hit post and see what we got shall we?



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No freakin title????????
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Re: Some forum tips

Originally Posted by YB2009 View Post
tnx for that. I can never make those stay without the *s. Ya gonna sticky it in the morning. Up where it will be forgotten forever.
You can use the noparse tag for that.

To post:
You enter:
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dats ruff
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Re: Some forum tips

and that is why I left this post open. thank you.
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