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11-15-2021 , 04:39 PM
Lost my shirt to Hellmuth. Cash advance please.
11-15-2021 , 10:09 PM
That time Mr. Lahey convinced Randy to dress up as a leprechaun.
11-21-2021 , 06:37 PM
Someone pick a winner
11-21-2021 , 07:13 PM
11-21-2021 , 10:21 PM
Originally Posted by bip! Caption This
I’d like to deposit a pot of gold my lady.
Fidstar is apparently in reality somewhere.


let's roll.....
11-21-2021 , 10:47 PM
We can go with King Spews pic
11-22-2021 , 03:59 AM
You picked the right winner.
11-22-2021 , 03:25 PM
Snoop Dog's pet cheetah
11-22-2021 , 06:14 PM
I posted a laughing statement about fidmeister forgetting his responsibilities. No biggie, but it wasn't to start a new Caption This.


Originally Posted by campfirewest Caption This
Snoop Dog's pet cheetah

[Spew ducking for cover and heading for the door]
11-22-2021 , 10:47 PM
The social media posts about that Hulk Hogan vs Gawker lawsuit are out of control
11-23-2021 , 11:15 AM
I know who had the most fun during this photo shoot
11-25-2021 , 12:40 PM
Originally Posted by King Spew Caption This
I know who had the most fun during this photo shoot
Take it away.
11-25-2021 , 03:29 PM
11-25-2021 , 11:53 PM
Sally was content with traditional Thanksgiving food and headwear. Bob was determined to go all out, so he began plotting a genocide.
11-26-2021 , 02:57 PM
The bird. It is ours! Now go away.
11-26-2021 , 08:35 PM
This was not the roleplay I had in mind
11-26-2021 , 09:07 PM
i wore my turkey colored sweater hoping he would stuff me like he stuffed the bird, but my giblets were not ready
11-26-2021 , 09:46 PM
The suit says I want to be formal, but the hat says I'm here to party.
11-28-2021 , 02:50 PM
Originally Posted by TheRealIABoomer Caption This
This was not the roleplay I had in mind
Picture was a real turkey... sorry.

Take it away, Pilgrim.
11-28-2021 , 07:59 PM
the two bartenders must be really dehydrated to piss in four glasses and have it come out that dark.
11-28-2021 , 10:04 PM
6 more rounds until they look like supermodels
11-29-2021 , 04:17 AM
Remember we aren't enjoying ourselves unless we post it on Social Media.
11-29-2021 , 09:40 PM
Stop buying them drinks boys. They are lesbians.