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11-08-2019 , 11:48 AM
I think that's Hearthstone. I haven't played that since whatever expansion had the card with the guy who would throw bombs at "random", and yet always seem to target my most important card, regardless of how many were on my board.

Of the countless games I've played in my many years on this earth, nothing has caused more ragequit than Hearthstone RNG.
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11-08-2019 , 01:06 PM
i got into heathstone for a while but always loved their temporary games because there was something new the community hadn't yet solved or it used random or premade decks

gets pretty tiring playing the same exact deck three games in a row, it got to the point where you could usually guess who the winner would be several rounds before it finished just because you knew what both sides had and who could or couldn't counter
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11-08-2019 , 02:51 PM
Originally Posted by rickroll
Yeah I find this to be true for most games so I really can't enjoy them after reaching a certain level. It actually really wants me to develop a game that can't be solved ie there are randomizing elements in everything that there is no one size fits all build
I've been enjoying teamfight tactics (basically autochess in Riot's client) a fair amount. Still some annoying RNG but the new set makes a variety of builds, at least so far, more viable.

And it's relatively low APM intensive so it's easy on my wrists.
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11-23-2019 , 11:30 AM
Anyone else watching homestory cup? Tournament has been enjoyable so far except who the **** invited Winter?
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11-23-2019 , 04:52 PM
I honestly can't remember the last game of SC2 I watched. It was probably the tournament Neeb won in Korea
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11-24-2019 , 07:36 PM
great finals and tourney but mostly watched
Awkward ending as usual for homestory cup.

Serral GOAT and most consistent player 2 years in a row.
Reynor is insane tho and so young.
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11-30-2019 , 07:09 PM
Might actually give it a try now that its free
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01-06-2020 , 10:10 PM
IEM Katowice NA Qualifier going on right now and it's stacked!
Some crazy results already, I'm excited for this year and happy the holidays are over
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01-07-2020 , 11:49 AM
It's NA servers not NA only.
That's why open qualifiers are korean infestation

top 16 final bracket top 3 go to katowice

I don't think we need spoilers tag for revealing top 16.
As I understand 8 are invited with wcs points and 8 from the open bracket for this top 16.

Then there will be 3 more qualifiers EU KR and KR server 2 for 11 slots total.
Dark is invited.

ps:serral skipped this one.
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01-07-2020 , 11:12 PM
He's just gonna win the EU qualifier anyway. The only reason Reynor played this one is because he can't play the EU one for whatever reason, according to him on Twitter.

In related news, WCS is gone and ESL is taking over the circuit.

One change is appreciate is that they are flattening the prize pools. Esports prizes in general are notoriously top heavy.
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01-08-2020 , 04:14 AM
It's about time the flattened they prize pools but it's a bit too late for that
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01-08-2020 , 03:11 PM
IEM Katowice 2020: Korean Server Qualifier #1
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01-13-2020 , 02:41 PM
Excited that SC2 through ESL is funded for the next three years. However - don't a lot of the Korean pros have to do military service soon (as in, basically all of them within the next 3-5 years)? I guess we have to hope that their ages are staggered.

It's talked a lot on the pylon show how to develop new talent in Korea and maybe this flatter prize structure will have the beginnings of an effect but I have yet to hear someone put forward a good solution other than "more money for up and coming players". Would be ironic if Brood War outside KR died but SC2 within KR died...

Didn't the Code A players only earn like $500 3-4 times a year? Posters on this forum could probably pool some extra money together and throw something like that.
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01-13-2020 , 10:07 PM
IEM Katowice 2020: EU Server Qualifier
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01-15-2020 , 03:44 PM
IEM Katowice 2020: Koeran Server Qualifier #2

last server qualifier
special is having a rough time
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01-26-2020 , 03:26 AM
hey all

I've been watching some Sc2

Just my thoughts:

Zerg was OP last year. So yes Serral has to be called the best in the world right now I think. But Dark & Reynor and even Rogue are super close.
Heading into the final 8 of blizzcon, I thought those 4 guys were the favorites, which to me is a clear sign zerg was OP.

With a few game changes, I think the major stories for this year are can
Maru return to the beast he was before zerg became OP. This guy is for sure top5 in the world and his skill is incredible.

Can Dark become the best in the world also. He looked every bit as good as Serral or Reynor last year, he won blizzcon. Smashed Reynor in the finals.
A repeat of last year, and Dark becomes the worlds best. This guy is a beast.

Not my race, but will any toss step up and get into the world's best conversation. Classic is gone. Stats might be the best toss out there, but not a good finish to last year for him. Trap was the most consistent last year, but he's sort of a specialist. He smashes Terrans. And watching his games he does play outstanding vs terrans, but he needs to improve the other matchups if he's going to elevate himself.

Anyways enjoy watching sometimes. Cause I play T, I root for Maru & Ty.
I think Ty is the most creative player i've seen, this guy plays so many builds and executes so well.
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02-07-2020 , 04:24 PM
ASL 9 groups are out, I'm looking forward to the Mind/Light/forGG group to see what TvT is doing, the possibility of a Bisu/Horang2 PvP, and the return of ZerO
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02-09-2020 , 07:40 PM
GSL super tournament is delayed to march because of corona virus.
I guess a lot of e-sports tourney are going to get hit by either delays or pure cancels as asians are a big part of the scene (doto,lol but not so much with csgo).
WESG is cancelled and I'm worried about katowice now.
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02-25-2020 , 12:57 PM
Anyone watching? Interested to see how the meta has changed since blizzcon.
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02-25-2020 , 05:43 PM
I watched a few games but I will watch most of the tourney from Ro24 and on.
The most shocking thing is 5 terrans (10 protoss and 9 zergs).

Here's the groups:

Really curious about serral form.
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02-27-2020 , 05:52 PM
I'm drunk now but here what I saved to post on my notepad (and I totally missed tons of games after) :

Dark vs PartinG game 1 worth to watch
cannon rush, insane PartinG micro.
Dark shows he's not giving up easily.
Game 2 ownage. (3 nexus dark shrine rush)
Let's go big boy!!!

I did watch a bunch of Reynor games in group B

Let's go rogue
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02-28-2020 , 04:59 PM
IEM Group D spoilers

Hurricane advances over TY despite losing to him because ESL thinks maps won is a better tiebreaker than H2H LOL
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02-29-2020 , 09:07 AM

Ah boo, no ty

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03-02-2020 , 04:42 AM
I feel the need to highlight this. Group A, Parting vs. Has, game 2. Good back-and-forth game, some early cheese from both sides kinda stabilizes, some action back and forth, but Parting pushes Has back into his base with a scary army and takes out his natural, putting Parting decisively ahead on 2 bases to Has' one. Rather than rebuild it, Has decides to go all in. As he marches out, Parting slides a DT or two into his main with a warp prism, devastating Has' worker line, there's like 8 workers left long-distance mining from the natural.

Parting is up like 85-55 in supply, mostly in workers but a little in army. All he has to do is not die.

And, behold (Has is blue) (also this is maybe not safe for work or children):


My god
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03-02-2020 , 04:08 PM
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