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04-21-2017 , 08:25 PM
Does F2 select eggs that are building so you can rally them?

I think using it is a serious, serious leak. You can stick with it if you want but until you rip off the bandaid and learn to play without it it'll hinder your progress.

Do you add eggs to groups as you build stuff like narwhal mentioned?

4svvv *click somewhere I want 3 overlords to rally, probably behind my main*
4szzzzzzz *ctrl+click 1 egg* *shift+1* (now as I move my main army hotkey around, eggs are rallied to join them when they hatch)
1eeeeeeee *ctrl+click 1 morphing bane* *alt+shift+2* (now morphing banes are added to my bane group AND removed from my ling group, and will rally to move with the rest of my banes)

I spend most of a typical ZvT with 3 groups, for lings/banes/mutas. Hell, if split drops are a problem you can deal with one with queens+lings and the other with mutas+banes or something, as long as you just do not touch F2.
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04-21-2017 , 10:30 PM
Blizz had a community update yesterday with some things they're planning on testing, nothing too crazy but there was this gem:

Swarm Hosts
As an additional note, we hear that there is concern that Swarm Hosts continue to inhibit Terran Mech play.
God Terrans are just the whiniest ****ing people on the planet.

They're also adding a new feature which sounds pretty cool called "Rewind", basically allowing you to view the replay of a game when it ends without going back to the menu.
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04-21-2017 , 11:08 PM
I never watch Avilo but I've happened to catch a couple of Avilo's streams playing BW and those are pretty entertaining. He clearly likes that game much better than SC2 and does less whiny rage stuff so it's watchable. But then he goes back to playing SC2 with his horrible mech strats and loses because of it and, you know, definition of insanity & all.
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04-21-2017 , 11:11 PM
My all-army is bound to F5. F1-4 are camera locations, which I planned to use when I had time to practice, but rarely did. Anymore all I do is play campaign stuff because turns out working 70 hours a week and having multiple yard/house projects going leaves little room for starcraft
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04-22-2017 , 12:07 AM
Soooo not to spoil the first two minutes of GSL or anything but it just started and Ryung is doing an absolutely bananas looking cheese
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04-23-2017 , 07:58 AM
ASL day 5:

ggaemo/Guemchi - not worth watching, loser just allowed the winner to macro up, couldn't put on any pressure, failed with attempted attacks into well defended bases, then just got rolled over

Pusan/Stork - not worth watching, loser allowed the winner to expand, couldn't pressure, had to cancel his own expansion and couldn't do anything with a counter attack. Then he lost 20+ workers to one DT

Winner's match - sair/reaver! Featuring guest corsair control from Best. I don't know actually, Best actually tries to control sairs but just fails, these didn't seem controlled at all

Loser's match - don't bother, 3 gate goon vs 1 gate reaver/expand which loses both the first two reavers and nexus, loser is able to stabilise a bit and have one good engagement to pull back some but is always behind on economy and tech

Final match - was OK, both players utilising reaver drops but the guy with the faster reavers couldn't do the damage needed to slow down the economy, then had some less than ideal engagements and lost his expansion and basically the game
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04-24-2017 , 03:29 AM
Sooo I just saw on SC reddit that this is a thing

(you can right-click "unburrow" to make it autocast when units walk over, A+ for baneling traps)
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04-24-2017 , 11:20 AM
It's more of a B- IMO. I know being able to set the detonate command to auto-cast has always been a thing, but the problem is it detonates the instant a unit goes over it. So if an entire group of marines is walking, you only get a few at the front instead of a bunch in the middle if you do it manually. That gif looked like it does a bit better with the auto unburrow because the act of unburrowing wastes a bit of time for more marines to get in range, but still can't beat manual. The obvious case is what if marauders are in the front?

It still seems like a solid alternative for lower level players, though. Personally, I'd rather do it manually and risk forgetting about the baneling mines entirely rather than always get mediocre hits. Though, that would require me to actually use baneling mines, which I never do despite always getting burrow lol.
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04-24-2017 , 02:43 PM
Originally Posted by templar rage
Though, that would require me to actually use baneling mines, which I never do despite always getting burrow lol.
That reminds me of something I wanted to mention - in all MUs I usually get burrowed lings at 3rd/4th/5th locations to block expansions. In a game against P, I accidentally had my ling slightly off where the nexus would go, and discovered this was actually great - normally I block the nexus for a bit, they finally bring an observer and kill the ling (or worse for me, make cannons), and I don't have constant vision of the nexus anymore. But by letting the nexus go down and having vision of it, I was able to run in and cancel it like 3 times. Against P especially (less so against T because they'll usually float CCs over anyway), this might be a good move.

Someday, if I ever remember to try it during a game, I want to try the advanced maneuver of laying baneling traps in mineral lines at the 3rd or 4th before an expansion even goes down there.
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04-25-2017 , 02:08 PM
ASL ro24 day 6 was horrendous, awful awful play. I got home less than an hour ago and have been able to watch it all already. Will just spoil the games as they're not worth watching:

Last/HyuN - only play that is slightly interesting as HyuN went for a three hatch lunker backstab, it might have worked as Last wasn't sure if it was lunker or mutas, but delayed too long allowing Last to get a second bunker, while he broke most of the wall he lost all his units

Movie/Larva - Movie goes 1 gate proxy, Larva holds perfectly

Last/Larva - Larva goes for something like 9 pool extractor trick into fast gas, gets nothing done, he's able to drag it out for a bit and get up to defilers but Last denies a third/fourth for so long that the economy deficit skyrockets

Movie/HyuN - HyuN goes hatch first at his third, Movie goes gate first, tries some zealot pressure which does nothing, which is a requirement when you don't wall properly and the opponent can 1a2a lings and kill everything

Larva/HyuN - HyuN with the 12 hatch at the natural while Larva goes pool/gas/lair/spire before expanding, well he never actually expands, HyuN is able to get enough lings to not die to lings and gets spores to be safe against the mutas, is over as soon as HyuN gets his own mutas

Ro16 groups:
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04-25-2017 , 03:05 PM
Movie dying to the same ling counter both of his games lol.

Groups B and D will be fun. Jaedong might be ****ed.
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04-27-2017 , 11:56 PM
GSL Group C spoiler:

lol Zerg, Maru attacks Curious with eight hellbats and a raven at 5:00 and Zerg just straight up dies to it. idk how it took so long for Terran to figure out that cheesy two base builds are really strong, it's so easy to just die to this ****.

Cloaked banshees were on the way too but Zerg didn't even live long enough to see one lol
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05-01-2017 , 07:13 AM
ASL group A went more or less as you'd expect it to. I'd watch both the Flash games, one because they're Flash games and because HyuN and Shine try somewhat non-standard play and are actually able to cause some problems, but not enough to actually really threaten to win the game. Can't recommend any of the ZvZ
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05-02-2017 , 12:00 AM
I really liked hyun's approach to his game vs flash. He was just outclassed.
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05-02-2017 , 02:42 AM
Agreed, given that you've got a mineral only third then it's perfectly possible to play sunken defence with the extra minerals then just rush to hive, trying to take the island to get the third gas was nice but he wasn't able to hold it

Did he actually have double defiler mound or was I imagining that?
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05-02-2017 , 02:40 PM
Group B: watch Sea/Effort, the losers game and the final game. Bisu/Soulkey and the winners game are worth it if you have the time

Sea/Effort - kind of similar to Flash/Hyun, Effort went overpool/3 hatch before lair crazy zerg, difference was that he was able to do some muta harassment and control the air enough to take and hold the island, Sea couldn't prevent Effort later taking another main and got run over

Bisu/Soulkey - fairly standard PvZ with SK getting up to 5 hatches off three bases while Bisu forge expands into stargate/templar, Bisu had the first DT do nothing, then took his third too quickly and with mutas sniping a HT or two there wasn't enough to hold a hydra bust

Effort/Soulkey - Both 12 pool gas then expand, Soulkey might have slightly overmade drones and it looked like Effort could have overrun him with lings before mutas hit, but Soulkey microed it well and held with less lings, this gave him a bit of a muta advantage which snowballed and allowed him to win

Bisu/Sea - Bisu decides to be really annoying with a probe, stealing the gas and even getting an SCV kill, then goes into reavers and loses the initial shuttle for zero damage. Should be dead but is able to claw his way back into it having already got shuttle speed, doing a bunch of storm drops and keeping going with the reavers, probably killing at least 50 workers, did botch a recall into the main but hit some money stasises and expanded everywhere, somewhat fantasy gg timing

Bisu/Effort - plays out like a fairly standard PvZ, with a lot of action, lots of hydras, lots of storm, suicide mutas trying to snipe templar, sick egg blocks
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05-03-2017 , 07:01 PM
Hot takes on the new maps based off of a resounding 1 game apiece:

Sequencer: I'm vetoing. Interesting idea, but not a fan.

Ascension to Aiur: Feels like the biggest 2-player map ever. Not bad

Defender's Landing: Destructible rocks outside your nat is interesting. I'll probably keep it around for a few more games at least.

Blood Boil: I really like the idea of the back expo only having 1 gas and extra mineral patches. I think Protosses will veto this map because of that missing gas. Otherwise meh.

Odyssey: Seems fine. Reminds me of Cactus Valley w.r.t the terrain setup outside the natural.

Overall, maps this season are way bigger than previously. I don't think my overlord made it to their ramp before pool finishing on a single map, and it wasn't particularly close either. Also didn't feel particularly safe doing that, either, so I'll have to figure out what to do with the first overlord. In general, I felt like there were not as many clear spots for the first few overlords on the map, but I didn't look very hard.

I'm definitely vetoing Sequencer, keeping Proxima vetoed (because it bores me), and will probably run with that for the time being. I might veto Abyssal because it also bores me and switch it out if one of the new maps really gets to me.
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05-08-2017 , 08:03 PM
Paging Goofy:
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05-09-2017 , 12:34 AM
wtf, not even playing a real game (cardstone? GTFO). She's too late anyway, I'm taken now.
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05-09-2017 , 01:21 AM
On the subject of real games, if anyone isn't up to date with the current meta and wants to get a nice picture of why Zerg is kinda garbage at ZvP, check this out:

A baneling costs 50/25; an immortal costs 250/100. Byul rolls what I think is about 250-300 gas worth of banelings into a single immortal and doesn't even kill it.

I have watched shockingly few games in which it ever occurs to the Zerg that spending some of that gas on a ****ing lurker den might be a smarter idea than this baneling **** against armies that are heavy on archons and immortals.
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05-09-2017 , 08:24 AM
ASL quarter finals:


Groups C/D well worth watching. The games are either short or very high quality
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05-09-2017 , 07:19 PM
I'm so disappointed about jaedong not getting through
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05-09-2017 , 08:44 PM
Last is a ****ing monster. Despite all the stuff Jaedong threw at him, he only ever got equalized in supply once, and spent most of the time 40-50 supply up, which I presume is bad even given mech units being generally higher supply than Zerg units.

Bracket stage is hilariously lopsided with arguably the 4 best remaining players on the same side. Flash vs Last and Best vs Soulkey all on the same side is a travesty. Once the other side was established, I really wanted Last vs Soulkey and Flash vs Best.
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05-10-2017 , 02:35 AM
Seeing what SK would do against Last would be interesting, given that he's actually beaten Flash in an important game. In the Kespa days he did use queens vs mech quite a bit, which I've not seen too often post-Kespa. Then again, he was 2-7 vs Last last month, which is more one-sided than any zerg Last's played recently. Only way I see Last not winning if he gets through Flash is if he faces Bisu, who's been crushing Last of late, but as Bisu's losing to Shine through three straight hydra all-ins it's moot

Also I don't think I've ever seen six valkyries at the same time, sick build from sSak vs JD
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05-14-2017 , 06:49 AM
Series still going on, but if you watch one BW game this year, watch game 1 of Bisu/sSak

proxy gates in opponent's base into proxy dt's into neither player has any detection with invisible units in each others bases into drops everywhere, game somehow lasts over half an hour
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