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Starcraft 2 (GAME IS NOW FREE!) Starcraft 2 (GAME IS NOW FREE!)

07-05-2015 , 03:52 AM
My gold league passion is going to save esports, you guys.
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07-05-2015 , 03:55 AM
I am the only one that posts in this thread save for goofy complaining about "yadayada is destroying zerg how can i win a game"

I WILL CARRY THE ESPORTS FLAG ALONE so **** off samwise gamgee you traitorous son of a bitch. I'll reaper rush your ass.
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07-05-2015 , 03:56 AM
Zerg doesn't even have the worst winrate, that goes to protoss right now. like, lol.
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07-05-2015 , 03:58 AM
SC2 is like chess, it's inherently the most beautiful (electronic) game. Except chess doesn't have noted ****tard David Kim altering how many diagonal squares bishops can attack or the cooldown times on rooks or whatever
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07-05-2015 , 03:59 AM
USA #1

I'm out
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07-05-2015 , 04:03 AM
Oh, and my impression of a "community feedback update" by David Kim:

"We completely agree that X isn't working as designed; it's clear that X and Y in combination with Z are resulting in some undesired effects in both the TvP and TvZ matchups. And as many have noted, X can sometimes fail to properly reward good control in certain situations. However, we believe that as a whole X has been successful and is something we'd like to implement into the game."

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07-05-2015 , 04:07 AM
The Liberator is a completely ******ed unit.
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07-05-2015 , 11:55 AM
Timeout timeout timeout

So Rain had a hidden base that was NEVER DISCOVERED and still lost to MarineLord? Did he get drunk with PartinG last night?
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07-05-2015 , 08:19 PM
David Kim is an idiot. All you gotta do is contrast banelings vs widowmines to see how disconnected from game balance he is. Not sure if I will buy LotV. HotS was the only game I have bought at release in probably 3-4 years and one of the few games I have bought at all. Hard to believe SC2 is the game that will carry esports when one of the races can amove to plat league. Remember how stupidly imbalanced reapers and marines were on the original release? IDC how balanced pro-games are the devs don't seem to understand that the vast majority of players play at a much lower skill level and one of the races has consistently been wayyyyyyy ****ing over powered compared to the amount of work required.

Also it tilts me so hard that there are so many units that have never been useful except as hardcounters to other races specific strategies. Like 10 bc's and 0 carriers have been made in pro-games since the original release? WTF is the point. SC2 just hasn't lived up to the hype imo.

Please blizzard if you are reading this, I'm going to make you another quadrillion dollars. Use the SC license and make a free to play MMO with 3 factions and really concentrate on fun balanced 3 faction world versus world. PM to give lifetime premium, unlock all hearthstone cards with no grind, or whatever after you realize how much ****ing money you will make. PS you guys are morons.

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07-05-2015 , 08:50 PM
WCS spoiler

Congrats to hydra tho, def best player one. Not been following sc2 close for a while and generally hate bad manner players, but he played damn well and earned the win imo.
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07-06-2015 , 08:50 PM
I was consistently finishing Top 8 Diamond back in WoL. Played Masters but never broke into the bracket.

Came back after 2 years to try my hand at some SC2 again. Game is hard.

1) Widow Mines are bull****
2) Protoss in general is absolute bull****. lol OOPS! ****ed up that attack really bad, recall home with minor losses and brb for round 2!
3) I am now a R1 Platinum scrub

Gonna L2play, get back into Top 8 Diamond, and call my return a success.

I lose entirely too many games because of supply block. It really is disgusting.

I enjoyed watching a couple of pro games, but I don't recognize ANY of the players anymore. I also find it hilarious that of the maybe 10ish ZvP games I've watched, the only two zerg victories were in base race situations. At least it's not just me.
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07-06-2015 , 09:50 PM
Yep, you pretty much nailed it. Zerg can win against Protoss but I think it's based a lot on midgame timings now before P can get a strong endgame army. I haven't watched this weekend's action yet though (Proleague/Kespa Cup/SSL challenger) so I dunno if maybe Zerg is starting to figure other ways to win or not.

I imagine we're about the same skill level. And yeah, widow mines are bull****.
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07-06-2015 , 11:51 PM
Last game I played vs Protoss:

Suuuuuuuuuuper standard.

Edit: There were no Psi Storms involved, btw.

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07-07-2015 , 12:40 AM
Barely played in the last month (wedding planning, work stuff, traveling) so I like really suck now. Plus my computer installed an update sometime in that time period that ****ed up my display drivers again so now the game gets jerky whenever I'm above 150 supply.

New map pool is kinda hilarious. I think the only truly bad map is Bridgehead, although D/T and Terraform can both get pretty wild which is fine. Anyways I've barely gotten to play the new maps because I swear, 3/4 of my games are on Cactus Valley.
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07-07-2015 , 02:16 AM
sOs vs Solar game 1 (SSL challenger) was pretty interesting and worth watching.

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07-07-2015 , 02:18 AM
So I've lost 8 of the last 9.

Final game before I go full monkey tilt and ragequit for the night:

Can you guess the time that my pack of 40 mutas got hit by 3 Widow Mines during an engagement? A fourth widow mine popped ~20 banelings.
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07-08-2015 , 01:37 AM
I decided to go look up a Roach timing build order. Back to Rank 2 in my Platinum league after going 7 for 9 tonight.

One loss was to 3 cloaked banshees while my spores were halfway done. I knew they'd be coming based on what I saw in his base, but I was just too late on the spores, and died.

The other was a rather disheartening ZvZ loss where I just let his early ling flood do too much damage, even though I was pretty well prepared. The difference between losing my natural like I did came down to a single creep tumor. I had spines in my main from when I scouted his all-in, but the creep wasn't sufficient to put them in position to attack the low ground. That resulted in the loss of my hatch at the natural. We smashed 200/200 armies into one another 15 mins later, but I had WAY too many infestors and he won the engagement inside my base. Not enough money for reinforcements.

So I guess the trick to having fun above Gold League is that you just build units and go ****ing kill the other guy. This sounds simple and rather obvious, but apparently it wasn't.
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07-08-2015 , 01:52 AM
New map hilarity:

lol, what on earth made San think that would work?
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07-08-2015 , 03:40 PM
I saved esports!
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07-08-2015 , 09:22 PM
Avert your eyes, zergs
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07-08-2015 , 09:59 PM

Please sir, stop moving the widow mines forward. Only 14 more minutes until I can get brood lords out.
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07-08-2015 , 10:07 PM
List of Zerg units that outrange mines:
- brood lords
- hydras (if upgraded)

I played a game once against someone bad who went mass widow mine and wound up losing to it. I got brood lords but without good fungals the brood lords won't kill a group of mines with drilling claws before they run up and burrow right under you.
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07-08-2015 , 11:33 PM
I have lost so many games today. Against horrible players.
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07-10-2015 , 10:19 AM
Last night I was 3 points away from Rank 1 in my division. One more win and then I was going to go watch some Homeland. Easy game.

Well, no. 3ish hours later, I was now 70 points away from rank 1 in my division.

It wasn't until I 7 pooled and pulled all my workers in a ZvT (I won, at least) that it had become absolutely clear I was on full tilt and called it an evening.

My only ZvP win was with an early baneling bust where I didn't even kill the guy, but did enough damage that I was really far ahead and able to get brood lords on the field to siege him.

I was 7 games over 500 at one point. I'm now 2 under.
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07-10-2015 , 01:55 PM
David Kim's latest update at least appears to be much better than some of the previous ones
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