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04-16-2015 , 12:40 AM
For the new ladder season, for some reason it made me play 5 games to get ranked, usually it's just 1. I got plat on my main and intentionally quit all 5 to get bronze on my smurf. Given that my unranked MMR on that account is at least plat level, I'm really looking forward to a season full of trolling people in unranked and making them lose to someone that has a bronze border.
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04-16-2015 , 01:15 AM
Yeah there was a big mmr reset so ladder has gone crazy or so I hear. I've had a massive migraine all day so I've barely been able to function let alone log on and ladder.
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04-16-2015 , 08:47 AM
Originally Posted by schu_22
Shouldn't the pro sc2 scene work to try to figure out how to even out the prize pool a bit so that players don't get this desperate? Like I understand that it's wrong regardless and don't want to make excuses, but I'm sure there are ultimate causes that could be addressed to help mitigate the problem and I'm sure that trying to scrape a living as a pro sc2 player takes its toll. Seems like just a handful, maybe a dozen guys are winning all the money. However, I'm not super in-tune with the Korean SC2 scene either, so anyone have some insight?
Soulkey is one of those guys though (or he was).
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04-16-2015 , 09:03 AM
I know. "Was" being the key word
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04-16-2015 , 08:17 PM
avilo vs. scarlett in the WCS Am qualifier has been supreme entertainment

There have been 50 lb bags of salt being flung about. As if there were some sort of icing problem in avilo's stream. Rifkin and ZG have been firing shats all over the place in the Basetrade stream. Glorious.
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04-16-2015 , 09:41 PM

I haven't watched yet but will def do so later tonight, can't wait for the avilo tears
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04-16-2015 , 09:50 PM
avilo's stream was even better, he blamed the map, swarm hosts, and i think every single zerg unit; presumably for existing
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04-16-2015 , 11:15 PM
What's the deal with all the GSL casters pronouncing meta with a long A sound for the e? It's the weirdest thing. Do they never watch Artosis's show?
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04-16-2015 , 11:43 PM
I went 3-2 in placement, beat 2 silvers and a gold, lost to a gold and a diamond.

I got placed in:


is this some kind of sick joke
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04-17-2015 , 02:55 AM
^ LOL wtf blizzard

bobman, I haven't watched Code A but I haven't heard what you're talking about - like, mah-ta with the first syllable rhyming with "rah"? Weird.
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04-17-2015 , 09:53 AM
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04-17-2015 , 02:30 PM
David Kim has already, like a week later, posted a mea culpa of sorts on the balance patch, with his usual level of comic understatement:

Currently we’re not seeing much new Swarm Host usage. We see two potential reasons for this: The Swarm Host isn’t effective enough in its current state or players haven’t figured out the best use cases with them yet. The answer is probably a mix of both factors, and we’re hoping to see more Zerg games in all matchups in order to drill down on the correct course of action here.
Gee, I wonder why

From the initial feedback and games that we’ve seen, Zerg seem slightly weaker than before. While we don’t have enough examples or the time to make this conclusion, we wonder if acting a bit sooner in this specific case might be better for the game. To be clear, this doesn’t mean we’ll just go in and patch right away. We’ll still go through the standard procedures of discussing potential changes, testing the changes on balance test maps, and iterating on them until we find good changes. The main difference is that we would be going into the first balance test map much sooner than we normally would have after a balance patch.
LOL, you think??

General translation: "****, ****, we really ****ed up, what do we do now??"

Their initial ideas are to potentially buff roach burrow speed (doesn't really sound like it would help against mech) and to revisit the swarm host changes in a number of ways:
- increase SH effectiveness
- decrease cost and/or supply
- increase cooldown between locust waves even more (to keep mass SH from being viable as a core army composition after the buffs above)

Seems like he's generally missing the point. You can make the new swarm hosts into the micro-intensive harassment units Blizzard wants, get Zergs to use them how Blizzard wants, and it still won't change the fact that Terran mech will build up to a deathball that Zerg cannot kill.
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04-17-2015 , 02:42 PM
David Kim-speak for "We ****ed up hard"

Have you ever listened to this guy talk? He doesn't have a ****ing clue what he's talking about. It might as well be me balancing the game.
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04-18-2015 , 03:01 AM

Possibly coming to a Twitch stream near goofyballers tomorrow...
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04-18-2015 , 02:08 PM
I'm in "Bronze" but it keeps matching me against plat players so I can't win a game

This isn't remotely fun
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04-18-2015 , 02:27 PM
Ranked? Does it place you higher if you leave league and place again?
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04-18-2015 , 03:55 PM
Yeah, Ranked.

Here's my last 8 games and the league my opponent finished in in 2015 S1

1. Diamond, L
2. Gold, L
3. Gold, L
4. Silver, W
5. Silver, W
6. Plat, L
7. Plat, L
8. Gold, L

I get that I suck and all but I appear to neither be in the correct league, nor playing the correct opponents. What a ****load of ****.
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04-18-2015 , 08:44 PM
I'm officially plat this season, probably won't get diamond again. The one aspect of the patch I didn't consider was how much I've come to rely on small numbers of swarm hosts to repel heavy widow mine + bio compositions, by using the locusts to trigger the mines and force the Terran to act instead of just sieging up, getting their perfect pre-splits, and pushing forward with 8 units at a time until you have to commit. Without an effective weapon against that anymore I basically just lose to biomine.

I'm not really interested in practicing marine split challenge or w/e for hours until my ling splits are GSL perfect and my APM doubles, so that's that for ranked play. Back to trolling unranked on my smurf for the rest of the season. Really makes ZvT less fun to play too.
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04-18-2015 , 08:58 PM
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04-18-2015 , 09:16 PM
It seems to have been a very good decision. My first game of bronze trolling, my plat T opponent is like "how are you bronze", accuses me of being a smurf, but I'm just like "I dunno I was gold last season and my placement games went bad and it stuck me here". So he thinks he can troll, he goes gas first into absurdly fast hellions and kills a bunch of my workers, then 2port banshee but loses like 4 of them to three queens + transfuses and then loses the rest trying to dive on my natural just as mutas pop. He talks a bunch of **** thinking he's way ahead.

I go roach-muta and take a few bases as I see he's going into mass raven with some thors/tanks/mines. I build up a bank and tech up to brood lords; I dive in on his ravens with my mutas, because he was being very dumb and spamming a large number of seekers, they kill my muta flock but also take out all but 3 of his ravens. I then hold down 'c' and make a ton of corruptors, turn 9 into broods, and crush his small force of battlecruisers (lol) and a few ravens and start to take out his 4th.

He ragequits.
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04-18-2015 , 09:35 PM
Cool game, winter
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04-18-2015 , 09:41 PM
I mean, he was plat, I'm plat, I don't see the problem there, he just got owned
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04-19-2015 , 06:16 AM
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04-19-2015 , 03:35 PM
I thought that was gonna be stupid as hell but I laughed hard\

Blizzard's got a patch for youuuuuuu
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04-19-2015 , 04:35 PM
Well they finally put me in Silver, after another 10 straight matches lost today against gold/plat/diamond. One guy was even 3x Masters.

I've got a nice little thing going with drops to harass and getting up a 3rd behind. Obviously I have 1000 issues, but one of my easiest to fix is scouting, I either lose my reaper or can't recognize what I'm looking at - I die way too easy to all-ins.

I like to go bio, but I have to force myself to be agressive and not let Terran build up a ****ton of tanks and mech, Toss to build a deathball or get a bunch of templars, and if Zerg gets a bunch of mutas I don't have the skill to be able to deal with it at all
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