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10-29-2011 , 03:54 PM
Originally Posted by NiSash1337
Well this SQ-Thing is kind of ******ed, if you have a SQ of 121, it just says that you had a super agressive game.
If the two players would max out, and then sit on there max army for a while the SQ would go down.
Did you even read either of the articles on it? Because the author specifically states that it doesn't handle that scenario well. So, just because it doesn't, that means it's garbage? Every metric ever created for anything is exactly the same. Every metric has limitations, so I guess metrics in general are ****, huh?
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10-29-2011 , 04:54 PM
Every system has its flaws...Matt Hasselbeck is #4 by qbr...'nuff said.
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10-29-2011 , 06:15 PM
Lol. Now who is Milkis?
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10-29-2011 , 06:34 PM
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10-29-2011 , 07:39 PM
Well idea was nice and video was ok but the chosen plays were just awful ... so much standard a-moves where nothing special happend.

Should`ve been more stuff like the 3 zealotblock of grubby. He couldve added like that proxyrobodt of Sage etc.
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10-29-2011 , 08:30 PM
I know SQ is a flawed stat, but I just ran it through a bunch of my wins/losses to see what I could find. I had plenty of games of an SQ of 80-85+ (with several 90+) and could not find even 1 loss where I had an SQ of over 80. I tried to consider the stat also in consideration of # of workers produced as obviously really high SQs where I all-in off 24 drones are easy to attain.
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10-29-2011 , 08:36 PM
what exactly is the metric that defines your spending quotient?
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10-29-2011 , 09:08 PM
10-29-2011 , 11:48 PM
Yea, that's pretty good, wp.
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10-29-2011 , 11:50 PM
so im in sick on a sat night and decide to ladder

can someone explain this game to me?

is protoss really this easy or am i just that bad?

i cant imagine being able to play games on ladder like this and going on to win. it has to be me being terrible, yes?
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10-30-2011 , 12:36 AM
you didn't exploit his strategy at all and you were caught out of position with an inferior army + inferior upgrades vs his first attack and again you were behind vs his 2nd finishing attack

didn't seem like you had a plan for this game at all and you were just kind of randomly making stuff

some key moments imo where you should start developing a game plan

6:30 check his front for forge. If his forge isn't upgrading, he's not gonna be doing a gateway timing push vs you. If it is, it may be gateway, blink, fast robo timing. Forge scout is one of the more significant reads a zerg has vs a ffe early game. The way you poked, i don't think u even payed attention to the forge.

Also around 7:00, send ur natural expo overlord to check toss gases. This is tell #2. You see one or both gas taken, you can start eliminating the 6-8 gate pushes that hit at 8:30-10:00 from his range and put him on tech.

at 7:00 you spent 8 larvae on lings. ??? No timings hit around any window where these lings are going to be useful at all and you should already be able to take away gateway pushes from his range anyways

8:00, his stargate tech is revealed: Drone like a mad man, take a 4th and drop spores and profit? Also here you should have decided exactly what you're gonna do. Seems like you just made a few roaches and had random lings after this point and never upgraded even though you should feel pretty safe to macro really hard as well as tech. You got +1 melee and then later +1 range, your upgrades don't have any direction

10:00 you dropped a spire. I'm not really sure what your plan with this was as the game didn't really show you're intention with it. I guess you just wanted corruptors to fight off phoenix and for potential collosus transition?

13:00 by now you should have already saturated a 4th and be starting hive. I'd probably have tried to go infestor/broodlord/roach composition also.

15:00 his army was just plain better. He had better upgrades, +2 blink stalkers vs your 1/1 very split up and out of position roach army (bunch of roaches randomly at the right top watchtower expo) and bunch of corruptors that didn't really contribute anything. After this fight, you were basically on 2 base saturation vs a 2 base protoss entering late game

the game ending push comes and you have a 7100 value army of just 2/1 roaches vs a +2.8/0/0 toss deathball consisting of collosus/blink stalker/void ray with 9100 army value. Of course you're gonna get rolled.

The protoss strategy was blind and random but your strategy was just as blind.
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10-30-2011 , 01:47 AM
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10-30-2011 , 04:38 AM
its hilarious, first arguing about stupid semantics and whether other games he hasn't a clue about should be called eSports and then pissing his pants when the hivemind does its usual bidding flaming & downvoting him out of r/sc. Typical drama queen.. get some emotional stability
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10-30-2011 , 08:35 AM
@ karak if u're constantly sick u might want to chill for a few days, just hang out in bed watching movies or w/e have lotsa tea and citrus fruits. playing sc2 takes a lot of brain power which means your body can't rly focus on getting better.

just a few days ago i got sick and in a couple of days felt a bit better, put in a few hrs at the poker tables then next day insta felt worse
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10-30-2011 , 02:40 PM
Karak, if you're constantly sick, just die in bed.

Last edited by Jackitos; 10-30-2011 at 02:41 PM. Reason: Onion's advice was too much
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10-30-2011 , 06:08 PM
Originally Posted by Weatherhead03
He also made the quarters of an MSL right before he quit, taking games of Jangbi, Best, and Baby. Also took a game off Flash that MSL. The guy was not a BW scrub.
there were many, many, many better terrans than MVP in BW. and you only need to take a look at the terrans that played on woonjin stars to see why MVP makes the A-team - cause there weren't better players than him that plays T.

and all the mouthbreathers on TL always quote, "BUT HE TOOK A SINGLE GAME OFF THE GOD FLASH!!!". MVP doesn't even have an MSL or OSL title to his name, and he only made that one deep run before switching to sc2. taking games off those guys isn't really a monumental achievement when you play bo3's where variance happens.
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10-30-2011 , 08:59 PM
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10-30-2011 , 10:07 PM

Last game MVP vs MC made me rage, HUGE(like 50-60) supplylead for MC he attacks, perfect Emps herpderp anything dies.
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10-31-2011 , 12:57 PM
Pretty interesting thread popped up about tournaments not paying out on their prizes. Started by Cloud, and supported by several other pros. It's actually pretty scary how many tournaments are listed, and what they are. There's some stuff from time to time about a single tournament being slow about paying (or not at all), but seeing the lists these players are producing is pretty mind-boggling.
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10-31-2011 , 03:52 PM
Some assimlator on assimlator action this game.
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10-31-2011 , 11:26 PM
couple posts late but god im glad milkis is gone. he was terrible and got so much love for some reason i couldn't understand. he's probably an extremely nice guy and does a lot of work without asking for much back, but he deserves to be working in the back and not on camera. i still stand by the idea that any of my american born korean friends would all do a better job with a week or two of training
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11-01-2011 , 03:05 AM
terran is the hardest race to play a macro game with
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