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11-15-2021 , 03:20 PM
May as well save it for a rainy day, I don't feel the need for more tabs, and I'm sure they'll add more guild stuff now that they've started.
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11-22-2021 , 02:54 PM

Scourge Maps OP y'all! Mini guide I wrote up if anyone else is looking to farm them:

This is what I learned from doing probably 100-200 scourged maps this league. Certainly not an exhaustive guide, but a good point for those looking to get started. My record in a single map has been 813 simulacrum splinters, or 189 scarabs. Total net worth in Exilence is 420 ex (dank) after 160 hours played.


Transformation Type: You donít want random, full blood, or rare or unique monster. They are annoying to do, and donít give you the free ~10 rare monsters you get on manually shifting. My returns/drops were much more consistent going with the 2 manual shift types only.

S-tier (3+c average value): Simulacrum, Scarab, Expedition
A-tier (1-2c value): Fossils, Stacked Deck
B-tier (1c or lower value): Tainted Currency, Brech, Legion, Catalyst, Incubator, Essence, Gem, Basic currency, Scourge Boss
C-tier (some value, but low/inconsistent/annoying): Oil, Unique
F-tier: everything else

Layouts: Haunted Mansion and Tower are the best/most consistent. Estuary is also good. Others can be fine if thereís enough good reward types.

Juice: I used a rusted shaper scarab and beyond for 90% of maps. If a map was really juicy, or white quality, or had annoying mods (-100% move speed), Iíd add rusted breach or abyss for a little bonus juice. The Twins prophecy is also very worth it, even at a 30c price tag.

Buying Maps: Scourge Tier 1-4 maps can be bought with good rewards (simu ,exp, scarabs) for relatively cheap (40-50c), and cooked up the rest of the way. Iíd also buy Scourge 10 maps with 3+ tiers of S-tier rewards.


Shifting: Itís easiest to run ahead to a pack, drop ground DOTs if you have them (Caustic Arrow OP), then shift and shoot all the mobs around you. You donít really want to be shifting and running for a long time in the map, more frequent shorter shifts are better.

Map Mods: The only real brick for me was 6000+ physical damage taken on shift. ES builds will have a rough time, since lots more mods are bricks for them. An extra health pot is also very helpful to deal with the various degen mods.
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01-29-2022 , 04:57 PM
I know I said it at the time, but congrats on getting to the mirror!

New league soon. So... Everyone hates levelling through the campaign. And what am I doing? Aiming to play the campaign lots of times so I can get through it faster next time.

First try: 6h 12. Sigh.
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01-30-2022 , 09:03 PM
6h is pretty good imo. What are your speedrunning suggestions?
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01-31-2022 , 03:02 AM
To go from 12h or whatever I did last league to 6h:
  • Less of a HC mindset, more DPS mods in tree, e.g. this is my A1 tree.
  • Knowing what my build plan is, my main skills and when I swap them
  • Knowing precisely what gems I want in advance and where to get them
  • Knowing which links I need for later, or still need for current setup
  • Limiting vendor visits as far as possible, e.g. I go to A1 vendor after The Way Forward only once I have 8 transmutes to get everything I need from her
  • Planning ahead for when I can do which recipe - e.g. in A2, going to vendor after Sins 2 at level 17 exactly, so I can get quartz wands already (I'll do quartz + rare ruby + alt to get +local fire wands for later)
  • Knowing how a lot of layouts work
  • Move speed boots an absolute priority, except over QS flasks
  • Skipping a lot of quests. I'm only doing +1 skill point sidequests, and know which to skip now
  • Having a better idea of what I'm doing in A8 or whatever. Previously, I only REALLY know A1-3
Currently doing stormblast mine, orb of storms, frost bomb 'til 28, then armageddon brand, wave of conviction 'til at least white maps.

To get to 5h, I need to know later acts better, be better at the actual mechanics of swapping my gems (sitting still for 5 minutes is no good), be more aware of what gear I need next, get better at smoke mine + flame dash uptime, arrange gems better (e.g. don't socket in boots unless you really have to, you want to upgrade them as soon as there's a movespeed bump), use vendor walking, figure out some more layouts, never die on super long layout areas... And just generally not need to look at my notes each act, by repeating the process.

Won't have time to do more than one or two more before campaign, but I'd really like to get under 6h at least.

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01-31-2022 , 05:25 AM
Really looking forward to the act 2 changes. Getting literally ass****ed by roah heads was not enough to satisfy my self hatred but now I get to corpse rush chamber of sins with gauntlet mods.
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02-01-2022 , 03:41 AM
Originally Posted by Sciolist
First try: 6h 12. Sigh.
5h 43m on my 2nd go. Not sure I can be bothered to do a 3rd.

New things learnt: silver flask great, and I still don't know the Izaro fight.

Originally Posted by Emily G
Really looking forward to the act 2 changes. Getting literally ass****ed by roah heads was not enough to satisfy my self hatred but now I get to corpse rush chamber of sins with gauntlet mods.
Problem: it's stupid that the 3rd zone from 200 in the campaign is the hardest

Solution: make the 13th zone the hardest

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02-01-2022 , 02:28 PM
Originally Posted by Sciolist
and I still don't know the Izaro fight.
Thats cause you always have a bunch of totems in the way :0

Im doing a bleed glad this league. Havent done bleed since the meganerf so its gonna be interesting to see if the buffs can lift it back up.
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02-02-2022 , 06:01 AM
Unearth/vaal detonate dead elementalist for me.

Re: guild stash tabs. Is a flask tab worthwhile? I quite often find myself wanting utility flasks that I didn't bother keeping. Also quite nice for levelling.
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02-02-2022 , 06:20 AM
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02-04-2022 , 02:55 PM
aggggghh, joined queue with 5k ahead of me, afk for 2h, and I had been kicked and now 60k ahead. gfdgfdgfdgfdgd
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02-05-2022 , 04:33 AM
all sympathise with the new guild leader
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04-03-2022 , 02:42 PM
Just realised that Sigri might not have seen it:

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04-04-2022 , 02:41 PM
typical sciolist laughing at somebody's expense
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05-10-2022 , 04:41 AM
How's your disability looking Sigri, for the next league on Friday?
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05-10-2022 , 02:15 PM
What a great way to celebrate 17500 posts! I'll come back for the new atlas eventually, but probably not now. Got a lot on my mind at the moment.
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07-03-2022 , 04:33 AM
Anyone still active in the guild and want some exalts? I've finished for the season.
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