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Re: Most fun PC games? 2000-2005

Age of Kings
RollerCoaster Tycoon
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Re: Most fun PC games? 2000-2005

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old hand
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Re: Most fun PC games? 2000-2005

Diablo 2, Warcraft 3 and Guild Wars
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Re: Most fun PC games? 2000-2005

From everything I've heard that goes for System Shock 2 as well (same developers as Deus Ex), but I can't speak from experience on that one.
Deus Ex was made by ION Storm, and SS2 was Irrational Games/Looking Glass Studios. Warren Spector (DX designer) was involved with the original System Shock though.

And yeah, SS2 is sick sick sick plz plz plz buy it. And DX too. And Freelancer. And Morrowind. Those are prob my top 4 choices from the games mentioned in this thread.
Ahhh I thought Warren Spector made SS2 as well. I guess he isn't quite on the level of genius I thought he was.
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Re: Most fun PC games? 2000-2005

Jedi Knight II. Amazingly fun and deep light saber combat and force powers. That's really all that needs to be said. If you like Star Wars at all, you'll like this.
They did such a good job w/ this compared to jedi academy. You really appreciate the force powers/lightsaber when you don't have any to start.
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Old 11-02-2007, 02:31 PM   #31
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Re: Most fun PC games? 2000-2005

Oh, duh, and Morrowind (prequel to Oblivion). Awesome awesome awesome awesome game, one of my favorite ever until I played Oblivion. You can prob pick up game of the year edition (game + its 2 or 3 expansions) for like $20 and then kiss 150+ hours of your life goodbye.
Morrowind was a lot of fun, I just played that about a year ago. I got a little bit into one of the expansions, and then my interest waned. One comment I'd make is that installing the expansions at the very beginning of the game ends up noticeably dialing down the difficulty of the game, because you very quickly get access to just utterly ridiculous armor from the assassins that come after you.

When I played, I used the character creation method where they ask you a bunch of questions and pick a class for you. I ended up with Witchhunter, which seemed lame at first, but as I got to know the game it's actually a surprisingly good class. There's very little that I'd change about it to optimize it. Marksmanship is THE combat skill, as far as I'm concerned, and for stat gaining there was a very nice distribution of stats between levelling and non-levelling skills.
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Re: Most fun PC games? 2000-2005

I've always been a thief.

There's a bit of a learning curve to some aspects of the game so keep that in mind - I never learned about stuff like soul gems and enchanting or magic spells early on, so my character was pretty deficient in a lot of areas as a result.

Although, I think it speaks to the awesomeness of the game that without really utilizing either of these two facets of the game it was still a [censored] blast.

Also, apparently walking around killing random dudes isn't always the best idea either. I saw some dude in one of the gates to Red Mountain who was wearing a bunch of glass armor and I was like ZOMG I MUST HAVE THIS and slew him in cold blood. Like 42 hours later I was trying to advance through the Thieves' Guild ranks and the dude who gave me quests wouldn't let me do it, and he said something about killing some dude and I was like "who??" so I loaded up the editor and oops, turns out that guy in the glass armor was kinda important to the Thieves' Guild.

I'm still undecided as to whether it's awesome that doing something like that in the game could have those kind of consequences later or if it's bad design to not give me any kind of warning about who this guy was, but either way I think it's kinda cool that they give the player that kind of choice.

The only real problem with Morrowind is that Oblivion handles a couple mechanics way better - for example, fast travel (Morrowind = walk almost everywhere, although there is fast travel between the main cities of the game via boat and silk strider) and selling stuff to shopkeepers (in Morrowind, the richest shopkeeper in the game only has $10k gold (and fwiw, he's a talking mudcrab who lives in the islands east of Vivec, lol) and he won't give you more than that for items, so to sell something worth $100k you have to sell him ten $10k items (leaving after each one), then buy them all back at once so that he has $100k gold and then you can sell him the $100k item - kinda a PITA).

But despite that, the overall game of Morrowind from a gameplay/story standpoint is way better. I think the guild/house system is way better - in Oblivion it's pretty easy to become grandmaster of anything you want, but in Morrowind there are three great houses, each with their own huge quest lines, and you can only pick one of them to be a member of and then you're a member for life. And the difficulty is handled much better (in Oblivion you can beat the whole game as a level 1 cause the monster difficulty is scaled to your level, which is just ridiculous and a poor design choice imo) so beating the game feels like much more of an accomplishment.
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Re: Most fun PC games? 2000-2005

Morrowind > Oblivion IMO. More engrossing, mostly because of the better story and the great house quests, partly because it's bigger and the cities are more diverse, and I think not being able to fast travel helps keep you "in" the game, lame as that sounds.

I love em both, even though they're ridiculously buggy and some of the game mechanics are busted. I spent a lot more time with Morrowind than Obliv though.
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Re: Most fun PC games? 2000-2005


Best PC game 2008- Starcraft 2
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Re: Most fun PC games? 2000-2005

Planescape: Torment if you want to play an RPG. It's not typical swords and elves though; it takes place in a very strange and disturbing world and you start off the game not knowing who you are or how you got there.
Best rpg ever and probably one of the best game of all times.
Really it's sick.
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