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09-22-2012 , 06:25 PM
Finally downloaded
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09-22-2012 , 06:30 PM
Originally Posted by BennyQuack
Going to wait till it comes out so you guys can get some extra practice in before i whoop all your asses again
You've never played me!
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09-22-2012 , 06:31 PM
Yeah loving it so far. Won first game 3-1.

If you try and ask too much from a player by pinging a ball to him and turning him the second he receives it the new first touch system takes over and it's refined perfectly from what Iv seen so far.

Gonna be a late night I think.
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09-22-2012 , 06:54 PM
09-22-2012 , 07:11 PM
Im not in love with it...

There is now like 10x the variance involved in each game. Hard to put passes together, hard to shoot, game is tilting the **** outta me if Im honest. Maybe I can come back tomorrow less tilted and see it differently.

50% success rate on starting a h2h seasons match definately adds to the tilt. Also, doesnt matter how long you wait in arena, it forces you to restart the game. Same old EA.

Sorry Ive been mega busy this week Scrub... But now you have a season ticket you would be insane not to play FUT. Since you now get a bunch of free packs + 20% off any bought. Also, did you pre order the special edition one?
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09-22-2012 , 07:14 PM
Nah never ordered it but if you get all that stuff then might aswell I guess. Will do it now.
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09-22-2012 , 07:16 PM
Feel free to spam all your dumb FUT noob questions ITT or on Skype. Its daunting at first but once you get the basics you will be fine.
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09-22-2012 , 07:17 PM
Yeah I mean theres like a 10% chance I will play it but if I'm getting all that free stuff then I will give it a shot.
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09-22-2012 , 07:19 PM
Anyone else getting stuck in the arena a ton(literally half the time) pre kick-off?
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09-22-2012 , 07:22 PM
Not yet but I only played 3 games so far.
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09-22-2012 , 07:23 PM
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09-22-2012 , 07:24 PM
Just played the most tilting game ever and lost 2-0 v Bayern.

Why is it that all Bayern players are absolute dicks? They pass the ball around the back in their own half until you have to press forward a bit then hit balls down the wings and hey goal. It's the same way every time. If we didn't press the game would end up 0-0. What do you do just take a draw?

Same happened with these ***** in fifa 12.
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09-22-2012 , 07:45 PM
German efficiency and organization.
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09-22-2012 , 08:06 PM
Played two matches of FUT so far, not really sure what i think yet. Feels totally different to the demo but then i was mainly playing vs CPU on the demo.

I have Kenwyne Jones and Cisse up front and they are just banging in ridic goals, i mean if they are doing that what are RVP / Rooney etc going to do on it lol. Won the first game 6-2 and second 2-1.

Also even in a 4222 your CDMs think they are strikers and charge up non stop (i have lucas and mikel) and they are constantly popping up in attacking positions even when i switched to defensive.

Also make sure you head to the EASC store thing, i was high enough level from past fifa's to purchase a bonus of 1,000 coins for my first 15 matches on FUT. Theres tons more lower ones i can purchase after as well.
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09-22-2012 , 08:08 PM
whats D.cisse like pacey an strong? also what team u got now?
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09-22-2012 , 08:15 PM
Div 10 is full of Div 1-3 players atm imo.

Doubt many fifa fish will be buying it a week in advance.

Tough learning curve this.
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09-22-2012 , 08:31 PM
Why do people still quit near 90mins when they are losing? It was fixed in Fifa 12 so it will be fixed now lol.
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09-22-2012 , 08:35 PM
I linked the team last page i think its pretty much the same. To be honest everyone seems pacey and strong and strong shots lol, just brought on lallana in extra time and he scored a rocket from about 25 yards.

I might have just been lucky so far, but i have an average team and have scored 12 goals in 3 games, and 6 of those have probably been from outside the box (no finesse obviously as thats awful now). So while finesse looks poor you can just smash them in, i'd imagine getting a formation with a CAM like lampard or gerrard will results in a ton of goals.

I'm enjoying it though

First final upcoming hopefully can win.

Hmmm or maybe not, my record is 3-0-0 tried searching for a finalist a few times didn't find anyone so went search a few ppl. Came back and i have been removed from the cup and have to start again. lol.

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09-22-2012 , 09:19 PM
Originally Posted by Sc00by
Feel free to spam all your dumb FUT noob questions ITT or on Skype. Its daunting at first but once you get the basics you will be fine.
Is there an easy way to see how many games left my players have on their contracts?

When I'm on my squad I can individually choose a person and click "apply consumables" and then when I choose a contract it shows me their current value and what they will be if I apply it, but I'm hoping that's not the most efficient way to do it..

Loving the mode so far even though I don't know any of the players since I just got into soccer irl this year

tyty sc00by
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09-22-2012 , 09:22 PM
on players you can toggle by moving the right stick left and right to see stats such as games left on contract etc... at least im 95% sure that is how you do it. was doing FUT earlier and just played nhl HUT and that is how you do it on there
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09-22-2012 , 09:31 PM
Any tips for a total Fifa noob who would like to at least compete online? I'm beyond tilted at this point.. Lost all 10 online matches I've played, most by 5+ goals.. Also 4 in a row vs the CPU today without a goal so far.. I'm trying to be patient but feel like I"m getting nowhere. Going to try some videos online (even though I can only find 12) but anything that you can add would be great.
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09-22-2012 , 09:37 PM
Haven't played H2H yet but FUT seems totally nuts to the point im wondering if they have released it not working properly. Everyone just seems amazing, jones and cisse are just hitting rockets in from outside the box non stop. Lucas / lallana have also had a screamer each.

Also seems absolutely impossible to have your CDMs/ FullBacks defend, i even tried out ultra defensive for one half and my LB stayed up front for a good while just running around with my strikers. CDMs still just charge up and appear on the wings and stuff as well.

I kept quite a lot of clean sheets on the last one, don't think i've kept one yet but im scoring like 5 goals a game.

I haven't played the old fifa FUT for a month or two and mainly been playing the demo so maybe im just used to that, but i struggled to score any goals on the demo even on semi-pro lol.
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09-22-2012 , 09:37 PM

Hmm try the skill challenges. I was in Div 1 for most of fifa 12 yet I'm having trouble with some of these hehe.

Master the skill games and you should be able to do a bit better online.

You also gotta remember though that this is a fake division 10 (lowest division). It will be mainly hardcore fifa players who are buying the game a week early or who even know about the ea ticket so the standard atm will be much higher than a normal division 10.
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09-22-2012 , 09:49 PM
Originally Posted by Seat_Open

Also make sure you head to the EASC store thing, i was high enough level from past fifa's to purchase a bonus of 1,000 coins for my first 15 matches on FUT. Theres tons more lower ones i can purchase after as well.
Where exactly is this store?
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09-22-2012 , 09:54 PM
Standard confirmed very tough atm, also everyone is luckboxing...
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