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Raising speculative hands vs. passive fish Raising speculative hands vs. passive fish
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[OFFICIAL] Raising speculative hands vs. passive fish
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2 14.29%
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Raise to 4+ bb
7 50.00%
Raise to <4 bb
4 28.57%
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1 7.14%

10-21-2021 , 03:14 PM
Broken stack fish running 80/12 over 20 hands limps UTG.

We're in CO. What do you do with A4s?

EDIT: for fun, we'll say they have 80 bb. If your answer changes for 30 bb, let me know in the comments

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10-21-2021 , 03:20 PM
I'm curious to see the thoughts on this. There is a lot of PF limping in the 50NL games I play, more than you'd think. So what hands are best to raise and isolate are of big interest. I know regs love to jump on iso raises so being aware of who is behind you and how you're then going to handle being 3 bet is important.
10-21-2021 , 03:35 PM
One of the biggest factors is their Fold to Cbet. If it's really high, you can iso a ton, and just bet like 1/3p - 1/2p on almost every board

Without that information, the next thing to consider is the players left to act. Make sure you add Raise Limpers stat to your HUD. If they don't raise limpers a lot, you can get away with over-limping. Just choose hands that play well multi-way
10-21-2021 , 04:05 PM
Raise to 5x
10-21-2021 , 04:06 PM
I'd cheerfully raise, but play with extreme caution on Axx flops
10-21-2021 , 09:05 PM
I would normally limp behind say a 24/5, but, I think not raising behind an 80/12 limper with most playable hands is a mistake.
10-22-2021 , 01:59 AM
Limping means we are playing let's-hit-a-flop along with the other suckers. Raise to iso the idiot limper, and make them play fit-or-fold.
10-22-2021 , 02:13 AM
Originally Posted by BobbyPeru Raising speculative hands vs. passive fish
Raise to 5x
10-22-2021 , 02:51 AM
my std was 3.5x here. dunno if optimal, i just figured i'd wanna iso quite a wide range and regs could punish that pretty hard if i 5x or w/e. but maybe that's just not happening and you lose value by doing this?
10-22-2021 , 03:26 AM
I ran a preflop sim a while ago for a UTG straddled pot 100x straddles deep, no rake. You can basically just play your normal opening range in CO, maybe slightly tighter.

This isn't exactly similar since their range will be more condensed, they'll play worse post, and they'll call too much garbage pre. But it should give you a rough idea anyway.

10-22-2021 , 05:08 AM
Thanks, tombos21! That is quite enlightening. I am surprised it is isolating 22 and 54s. Maybe I have been too passive.

I never overlimp in the CO unless it's something crazy like 3 rec in the BTN/blinds. We get iso-raised like half the time for a large size which is just brutal. We end up having to fold to hands that would have folded to our own iso.

I voted for 4x.
10-22-2021 , 06:33 AM
Raise to 4bb for me. If they were >60bb would probably just raise to 3.

Your hand is probably stronger at this point if they're VPIP 80% of hands