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Adjusting to short stack live fish games Adjusting to short stack live fish games

01-01-2010 , 04:52 AM
I prefer to play online because I considering myself a student of the game and I'm trying to learn as much as possible. However, what general considerations should be applied to a short bb game live game at a local casino?

My local casino basically only has the following table: $2/$5, $100 min, max $250. 10% capped at $10.

It's as you would expect, super fishey, lots of people buy in at $200. No concepts (no one will fold TPlolkicker) and plays worse than 1/2c HU on PS (if it existed). As a typical "2+2 student reg" who runs 12/10/3, ATS 35 ... what modifications should one make to play in this live game?

Typically I've found:
  • High fold equity, most people playing scared money
  • If you raise PF, everyone basically puts you on AK/KK/AA (and rightfully so for the standard way it's played)
  • Friday/Saturday nights every pot is basically family limped. If you open you typically open to 8+limpers other you'll be looking at a family pot with 8 callers at 160bb.

I was hoping others could comment and add a few more things.

To give a hand example:

Hero CO, has everyone covered. AQs
MP2 stack is $140.
4 Limpers PF
Hero opens for 13bb ($65)
Typically 'gambler' fish calls in MP2. Everyone else folds, Hero and MP2 heads up.
Flop 29Tr
MP2 donks $30 into ~$150 pot. MP2 has $50 remaining.
Hero ??

Sorry for non-specific stats, but this is a typical example hand. The reason I personally find it interesting is due to stack sizes. Online, at 100bb I shove MP2's remaining $50.
01-01-2010 , 09:36 AM
Read the FAQs, particularly CMAR thread on crushing short stacks.

In general, you're playing a 40BB game. That means for the most part you can't call a raise with SC, small pocket pairs and other hands that require some IO. Note that it actually isn't a bad idea to limp along with everyone else as you as you understand that the more people in this time of pot, the better your hands has to be to play for stacks.

Otherwise, you're looking for big cards (A-broadway, KQ) or big pairs (99+) that can win a hand unimproved.

As for the hand in question, I let it go. He's not folding and it is just as likely he has no clue about bet sizing as he's thinking he's weak. $30 may be a big bet for him.