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2nl Call or Fold AA preflop to 5bet 2nl Call or Fold AA preflop to 5bet

07-02-2009 , 10:49 PM
EZ fold he has pocket Jokers here 100% of the time
07-02-2009 , 11:30 PM
Originally Posted by ICMoney
I would call for $10,000 at 2nl with AA pf.

25,000 if I could put up my car.
Don't do this. You'll get owned by black aces every time.
07-03-2009 , 07:53 AM
Originally Posted by Melder83
The BBV forum seems to think it was wrong, i was just after some advice after being flamed on the actions i took.
In a no-limit hold'em cash game it is never correct to fold AA preflop. Period.

PS. Don't worry about it. In a couple of months you'll be flaming noobs in BBV like there's no tomorrow
07-03-2009 , 08:38 AM
That's so funny... the poor guy honestly was unsure and his thread ended up in the worst possible place for someone with a legitimate question.

At least now you know what a level is, and how to keep an eye out for it. Hopefully this forum improves your game.
07-03-2009 , 09:08 AM
07-03-2009 , 09:11 AM
6 pages. YES.
07-03-2009 , 09:14 AM
still 1 for me
07-03-2009 , 09:16 AM
Originally Posted by Melder83
All i wanted was advice, i thought i took a bad beat but got flamed for my decision. all i wanted to know was is if i made the correct decison.

i now know i did and will follow a similar line next time and thanks to all the people who actually assisted me and were helpful.
YEAH DUDE when BBV says "Lol you shouldn't have called" They're being sarcastic. They're saying something so obviously untrue (dude fold aces to a preflop 5-bet ldo). That no one could take it seriously, and if someone does, well that's just funny as hell.

You should never, EVER fold aces preflop. EVER. I can't stress this enough. That being said, getting your aces cracked aipf at 2nl is not enough of a beat to justify posting in BBV. And asking in a legitimate strategy forum whether or not you should have folded Aces pre is so LOLbad that we hhere at the strat forum are inclined to aid BBV in their flaming.

Isn't 2+2 such a warm and welcoming family??

The first rule of 2+2 is.....YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT 2+2....
and so on.

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07-03-2009 , 09:17 AM
Originally Posted by Tonitto
still 1 for me
lol fiiiiiiiiiiiine. I've changed it now.
07-03-2009 , 01:06 PM
07-04-2009 , 12:11 PM
you 4 bet way too big. You pretty much have to call now.
07-04-2009 , 01:26 PM
ehhhh i guess i call here, but i'm not happy about it. i know in my heart i'm going to lose to a ****ing flush
07-04-2009 , 01:39 PM
LOL aree you seriosly comtemplating flding the best sarting hand in hold'em PF.... whats your screen name plz
07-04-2009 , 01:41 PM
why are you guys leveling him into making a call

OP this is such a clear fold... dont listen to these guys
07-04-2009 , 01:44 PM
its marginal either way, i think a call might be best since we have so much invested but its a high variance spot for sure. folding might be the safe way to go but kinda nitty imo. i myself would call here each and every time
07-04-2009 , 02:16 PM
Is this serious? You have the aces of spades. Norman Chad like the ace of spades. Norman Chad is a losing poker player. So, fold here 100% of the time
07-04-2009 , 02:20 PM
run around your house, remembering to high five your fish, and then fold i mean it supa obv
07-04-2009 , 02:42 PM
Seriously, are the mods on vacation or something? How is that thread NOT LOCKED after 2 days and 92 replies
07-04-2009 , 02:43 PM
I'm so over my bad beats for today! Who's awsome? Your Awsome.

Oh and GTFO
07-04-2009 , 02:43 PM
#95 now lol
07-04-2009 , 02:54 PM
call the 28 cent 3bet preflop and check/fold to his bet when you see a two suited board that cannot hit your flush draws but will hit his
07-04-2009 , 03:07 PM
07-04-2009 , 05:26 PM
Originally Posted by Tonitto
Seriously, are the mods on vacation or something? How is that thread NOT LOCKED after 2 days and 92 replies
i think the mods have just given up on this forum its so bad. they are just going to leave us be and seal us off frm the rest of 2p2.

quick someone make regs threads while they are gone gogogogo!!
07-04-2009 , 06:57 PM
07-04-2009 , 06:58 PM