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Micro-Small Stakes PL/NL Discussions regarding micro-small stakes pot and no-limit hold'em (up to and including 1-2)

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uNL Archives: Memorable Strategy Threads

uNL has had a lot of good, solid discussion in the last two years. We compiled a list of the best threads for you so there is less work for you, the user, to find the information you need. Below is a finely tuned selection of links to the best posts on TwoPlusTwo and uNL to make you the best uNL you can be.

Word doc of many links here-

The BasicsMoving UpMoving from Limit to NLBest of uNL, Posts/Threads That HelpDownswingsC-Betting, 3-Betting, and RaisingNotes, Reads, and LeaksExtractionOddsuNL "The Well"uNL Concept of the week threadsProfessional No-Limit Hold 'em Study GroupuNL Digest Threads - The best threads of the week/monthVideosThanks to all the posters for their contributions to the sticky and to uNL. We appreciate it very much.

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Re: uNL Archives: Memorable Strategy Threads

Recent Additions:

Official threads

Picture thread
UNL Regulars Game
Getting to Know You
Sports betting thread
Official uNL home game club

Posting advice

Search advice
How to search
Improving your posting
What gateswi learned

Previous threads

Old memorable strat threads
Beginner's anthology
FR concepts of the week

Ebooks type dissertations

Verneer's moving up
Fee's guide
Very Basic Guideline for Beating the Micros by MonkE
GTIE's 6max beginner's guide

Bankroll Management and moving up

Moving up/down
handling downswings
Moving up
Difference between levels

Planning your hand
Planning your hand
Split on planning your hand
Calling pre to make moves post
Using SPR
Keyser112's poobah

low pocket pairs

Playing low PP's profitably

PF raise sizing

Isolating PF

COTW: Isolating limpers


skraper/barker 3bet video
3betting OOP
Ranges for 3-betting
COTW: 3betting
COTW: reacting to 3bets
COTW: 3bet hand selection
squeeze ranges
Defending 3bets IP

Blind defense

Blind defense
Calling from the blinds
Defending vs steals


Split on betsizing
Using betsizing to manipulate opponents' range
Standard betsizing

Improving your redline

Turning made hands into bluffs
best thread on redline
Imfromsweden poohbah on improving redline
Getting thin value

postflop play

Flop arsenal
Turn arsenal
COTW: Turn play


COTW cbetting
double barreling


Pokey video
Thac lesser known fun tactics
skraper/barker 3bet video
Thac 3bet video

Note taking and session review

Damn Ringer on note taking
Zeth note taking
Session review
Taking HEM notes
Suggestions for note taking
Villain Review in HEM
PAHUD stat coloring
Common reads
HUD layout

Live Play

Live vs Online

Rush Poker
Official Rush Zoo thread

Various and sundry topics

Collection of theorems
How to be productive
Bond on grinding and improving
Expensive thoughts you have
Aha moments
Hey tagfish
Exploiting fish
Poker lessons from survivor
On Being Solid
How to beat any game
Playing top pair
Common UNL leaks
Get your n00b out '10
Combatting tilt
Verneer's I Would Have More Money If . . .

Mynameizgreg AMA

August 2010
September 2010
October 2010
November 2010
December 2010

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Re: uNL Archives: Memorable Strategy Threads

NLH Links Collection Thread:
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