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Micro-Small Stakes PL/NL Discussions regarding micro-small stakes pot and no-limit hold'em (up to and including 1-2)

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While it hasn't been bad lately, I figure it's time to update the Micro Stakes PL/NL (referred to as 'uNL' for the Greek letter mu meaning micro) sticky to alleviate problems from a lot of bad posts. The previous sticky has had multiple posts added to it and has become quite a lengthy read. This new sticky will be condensed to hopefully ensure that new visitors to the uNL forum will read and adhere to the rules of the forum.


For reference, here are all of the old user guide threads from uNL:

What can I post in uNL?
uNL is a forum to discuss hand histories and theories that pertain to any stakes NL50 (0.25/0.50) and below. If you're looking for NL100 (0.50/1.00) hands, go here.


What can I not post in uNL?
There are a number of thread subjects that don't fit the nature of what we want uNL to be. Bragging about a big hand you won, ranting because you can't beat a certain level or that your KK lost to AA allin preflop, posting your Holdem Manager/PokerTracker stats for analysis (there is a thread dedicated to this, found here), asking how much you can make at a limit, asking what site you should play at, offering staking/coaching, or asking for money, and asking basic questions that can be found via search are all things that are frowned upon by the uNL mods. Do not post nudity, even ms paint. Do not post links to pirated material or torrents.


What are these ***Official*** threads?
-The Low Content Thread - Where uNL posters go to discuss things that are too low-content for a thread. Posting about something you saw on the news, or just general chit-chat between users happens here. Also, here you post ranting, whining, excessive bragging, or graphs posted in here please.

-Monthly Results Thread - Similar to the uNL BBV Thread, at the end of each month, we create a thread for you to post your results of how the month has gone.

-Quick Checkup Thread - Got a quick hand you just need a short check on? Post in this thread

-Collection of Study Groups - Putting together/want to join a study group? Post info here to get going.

-Poker Stars Home Games - Announce and join a home game in this thread.


So I know what to post and what not to post, how can I post better?
There are a few things we ask you to do when you create a new thread to make your question easier to answer and improve the replies you receive.

1. Convert your hand. No one wants to read a raw hand history, it's hard to follow and it only takes a few seconds to convert hands with the built-in hand history converter.

Click on the Hand History Converter link to convert. Paste your raw hand history in the box and click the "Convert Hand History" button. It will automatically be inserted into your post. More detailed instructions

2. Post anything relevant to the hand. If you have stats on your opponent, post it. If you have any history/notes about your opponent, write it down. Post about your style and your table image. If you took a non-conventional line, explain why. Be as detailed as you can be, the more information we have, the better our replies will be. Do not post results. It skews advice and is not information you had available when you made the decision.

3. Don't be results oriented. If you had aces on a J84 board and lost to a set, it doesn't mean it was a mistake to get allin. Ask yourself before you post, "If I won this hand, would I ask if it was okay?" If the answer is no, why would you post it if you lost?

4. "I have KK and he shoved preflop, what do I do?" Boring hands like this, and threads about folding sets on non-scary boards, or folding low flushes will be locked. If you lose with a set, KK preflop, or a flush against a higher flush, it's almost always a cooler that you can't avoid. Post it in the monthly uNL Low Content Thread and shrug it off.

5. Post two threads per day, one hand per post. uNL is a big forum, and if we allow anyone to post as many threads as they want, no thread will get good answers. Because of this, we have enacted a "two threads per day" rule. On the same note, making a thread where you post 5 unrelated hands and asking about how to improve. We're all volunteers here, and we're not going to answer 5 hands with the same quality as we would answer a thread with 1 hand. Posting in moderation is crucial.


Where can I post about transferring money?

In this thread in the Internet Forum



You cannot post a link to your blog. You can link to other's blogs. Others can link to your blog. You can post a link in your profile and mention blogging in your location. But you cannot self-promote via a post about your blog.

2+2 offers a section for blogging: Goals and Challenges


A final note: We police these forums thoroughly to improve the quality of the advice you receive. Two Plus Two has long been thought of as the best poker forum on the internet, and we strive to keep it that way. If your threads get locked, know that it's nothing personal and we are only doing it to get you to improve your quality of posting for the good of the rest of the forum.

Good luck at the tables.


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This has been coming up a lot recently and isn't mentioned on this front stickie page:

You cannot discuss buying and selling hand histories and databases here. This is a site-wide rule.
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Having trouble with the hand history converter?

Step 1: make sure you have the whole history. If you're missing part of the header, it might not convert it.

Step 2: Make sure the site is supported.

Step 3: If you can't get the built-in converter (post -> blue thing that says expand, paste, hide results, convert), you can find other converters at:

that should convert any hands you're having issues with. At FTR, choose to format for 2+2

Also, you can choose the 2+2 output in Holdem Manager

Step 4: Post any issues in the HH converter thread

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Why don't we have regs threads?

1. We tried, they failed. It became a pissing match.

2. They just become chat threads.

3. Turnover is huge in micros, really no need for one.
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