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Micro-Small Stakes PL/NL Discussions regarding micro-small stakes pot and no-limit hold'em (up to and including 1-2)

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Old 10-12-2017, 10:49 AM   #1
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Bottom set V short stack

V1 is a reg. He's been buying in short lately and seems to be on a down swing. V2 is also a reg, fairly aggressive and not afraid to mix it up. We are playing .25 .50 and down to 5 handed. V1 knows me as an agressive winning player with occasional spew potential.

Hero $62 in cut off
V1 $24 on button
V2 $126 BB

Hero: 10 10 raises to $1.50
V1: bets $5.50
V2: calls $5.50
Hero: calls

I give V1 credit for a big hand here based on his previous lines likely QQ+ and MAYBE AQs. I think JJ and other med pairs just shove in this spot. V2 is harder to range obviously. He's got all kinds of hands. If this were heads up I snap fold but V2 gives me the potential to win a very big pot plus gives me protection from a cbet from V1 if be misses w AK.

Flop As Kd 7h rainbow.

Hero checks, V1 checks, V2 checks

I'm pretty much done with it here, clearly not a good flop for my holdings vs villains probable ranges.

Turn 10s

Hero bets $7, V1 raises $14, V2 folds. Hero tanks and shoves.

Honestly I'm lost here. I don't think I can check here as OMG I HAZ A SET and the board has too many draws. I bet half the pot to protect against draws and to try and define V2's hand. Does V2 have AK or AQ here often enough to make bet call vs him profitable?

Comments on any street welcome
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Re: Bottom set V short stack

Given the positions at the start, his range may be wider than you think. - Not sure just food for thought.

When he checks flop, it could be due to AA or KK and he is not wanting to chase away any potential chasers with worse hands. The thing I am intrigued by is his line on the turn. Why so aggro? i guess he isn't afraid of straight and doesn't think you may call so he min raises to force you to shove???

It's a tough spot but I am guessing he has AK or AQ here very rarely and he throws you with checking on the flop but I think it is more of a power play as he shows strength later. He could call on turn but he leaves himself open to be outdrawn on the river with a Q or J. I am thinking he has the KK or AA about 80% of the time. And AK or AQ the other 20%. Tough spot but I might find myself doing the same thing you did.
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Re: Bottom set V short stack

Edit: my lazt question re: AK or AQ is about V1 NOT V2 as originally written.
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