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marker of cards
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Question 3bet or flatcall?

Couple of parts to this.

Say you are playing NL cash game 6 seat ring online game in this scenario. One player hero is playing against is a somewhat aggro / loose fish. In scenarios where you are dealt solid but not nut hands such as AJ,AT, KQ, TT & maybe AQ, would it be more optimal to try & 3bet the aggro fish off most of his junk raises ( has a wide open range) & ( assuming he will fold most of his junk to the 3bet). Or would it be more optimal taking flops with higher % of time making the best hand, knowing the aggro fish will fire a few cbets into you with lesser hands? Obv you will miss some flops and fold but essentially its a slowplay I guess.

The other scenario is where the aggro fish will flat most 3bets with his wide junk range. Would the answer change? Wondering if there is any stats on this over large sample size.
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Re: 3bet or flatcall?

Don't post threads 3 times.
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