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Micro-Small Stakes PL/NL Discussions regarding micro-small stakes pot and no-limit hold'em (up to and including 1-2)

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25NL Playing middle PP after calling 3bet IP

I'm having trouble playing these hands, I think I'm folding them too often vs turncbet. I am not sure how often the pool is bluffing multiple streets so I usually click fold on the turn.

What would be the correct play in these scenarios 6max with an effective stack of 100Bassuming the opponent bets flop and turn 50-75%and shove river:
Hero MP 8c8s calls 3bet from SB.
7h2sQ5s, T:5c, R:9c

Hero EP 9c9h calls 3bet from BU.
Js7h3c T:4h R:6s

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Re: 25NL Playing middle PP after calling 3bet IP

Usually depends on villain and the size of the turn bet, but a lot of times I'll call the turn if it's reasonably priced. If they're shoving the river it's tough to call with an over on the board and several combos of overpairs that we lose to. Are villains doing this with a missed AK/AQ? Usually not, but sometimes. Just depends on villain really.
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Re: 25NL Playing middle PP after calling 3bet IP

h1 usually fold turn if that's a Q otf??
you'd simply have enough better hands to continue

h2 depends on what you defend pre oop but you can x/f 88 and 99 and x/c TT to a larger bet
can call more liberally vs a small bet
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