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Re: I JUST WON 200K... DID I? #888Poker

Originally Posted by Rimlog View Post
Weird hostility from you towards OP throughout this thread.

888 were "official sponsors" which is a lot more than just being advertisers, and I don't see anything in his original post which appears to be misleading. As sponsors 888 may have covered themselves legally to avoid liability, but it is in their interests to try and get this made right, as the whole idea of sponsorship is to be associated with prestigious events. They have much more clout to make a fuss about this than an individual participant, and they probably have legal grounds to pressure the organisers to honour their obligations, so it is entirely reasonable for him to highlight their involvement.

Good luck, OP. These battles are very hard to win, but I hope you get some justice. I think it is worth contacting 888Poker representatives on these boards as well as locally, not complaining to them but asking if they can help bring pressure on the organisers. It sounds as if someone has made an unfair profit at your expense.
This ^ I agree 100% with the "weird hostility" part. Like wtf man, chill out. XD
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