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Van Gogh
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Piano Improvisation / Music Theory

Hi all,
I hope this is the right place to ask and someone has some advice for me:

I would like to learn to improvise on the piano. I have played the piano for quite some time, but have never really studied any music theory. What is a good way to start for me? I imagine improvisation has a lot to do with understanding how different notes/chords/scales interact. Are there any good books/websites/online courses available?

Thanks everyone!
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Old 04-22-2016, 05:05 PM   #2
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Re: Piano Improvisation / Music Theory

If you are still looking for the advice, Music composition for dummies is a good book for learning music theory, it teaches you theory and the how music is composed which could help greatly with improvising

However i'll offer some advice from my own experience

When improvising work with/around the melody of the song (it is the focal point) you could improvise during melodies by doing things such as slowing down the tempo a bit, add chords to the melodies, changing key, and you could change the rhythm (very effective)

Another thing is using the main chords in the song and making a melody out of the notes in the used chords
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moo buckets
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Re: Piano Improvisation / Music Theory

Learn what a fifth is
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Re: Piano Improvisation / Music Theory

1) Learn the Circle of Fifths
2) Practice major and minor scales
3) ???
4) Profit
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