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08-20-2021 , 06:47 PM
Originally Posted by MSchu18 Let's Talk Watches
chrono is good... very good. however it can take time because it's not auction related.
did you enable 'offers'?
One thing about some pieces from some manufacturers, they not only sink in valuation, but also in desirability.
its gonna take time... maybe a LONG time.
I paid 1200 CDN for this watch in 2014 or 15 ( Iforget), I'm fully aware I'm probably not gonna sell it for this price which I'm perfectly fine with.
The price ranging on C24 is 1000-1700CDN (with 8 being listed) I listed mine at 1000, offers is on. But I have no clue if these watches have been sitting on C24 for months/years or just other people like me are selling the watches cheaper and they get sold fast.
Just if it's gonna take several months to sell as you mentioned I'd honestly probably just sell it to a local watch retailer (5min walk away) and get 500$ or whatever.

Thanks for the headsup though, I guess I'll have to wait a few weeks probably.
08-20-2021 , 07:02 PM
I am not trying to bum you out or anything, but it's gonna be problematic, in a 30 day window on C24. I am sure those other pieces have be sitting online for some time. if you really want to sell it, I say try ebay and an auction. it WILL sell, but it might not for a value you imagine.

as a general rule... ball park... a 1200 watch will probably yield 300-400... maybe. someone has to want it.

this is the main reason I am very careful on what I buy... there are plenty of high value pieces that might never sell again if I were to take advantage of the depreciation by buying used. I had been looking at a white gold IWC aquatimer that is beautiful... msrp was over 17k... i can get it for under 10k... solid white gold watch... and i am not sure I really want it that bad because I might never be able to sell it again.

the watch market is alive and well... and can be hot as a steaming potato fresh out the oven... but not for every watch or maker. I see these guys going into breitling stores and happily plunking down thousands of dollars on watches they will never be able to resell again at reasonable valuations... and I feel saddened, and I have a friend who is a breitling AD/owner here in Vegas.

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08-20-2021 , 07:48 PM
Nono were good, I figured I might get about 50% in a best case scenario, but, I'll give it a few weeks on C24 as I mentioned earlier and if no one bites online I'll just sell it to a local watch store (two near me where I live, one probably has >5m in watches. other like 1m~ in watches which are within a 5min walk) and will get like 25-40% value as you mentioned earlier, which I'm not gonna fuss over.
08-23-2021 , 12:27 PM
Try watchfinder. I've sold 3 to them now, and got very fair valuations and quick payment when then sending the watch off.

Also, my first Zelos just landed (Mako V3 Ti Mother of pearl). Absolute bargain - Titanium case/bracelet, ceramic bezel, quick adjust clasp, great lume.
08-23-2021 , 01:46 PM
10-09-2021 , 08:46 PM
I'm currently in the market for my first "serious" (mechanical/auto) watch.

My current watch collection consists of:

G-Shock GA2100-1A1

G-Shock DW5610SU-8

Casio MDV106

Here a few watches that I'm currently interested in buying:

Seiko SPB143

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical 38mm

Oris Aquis 39.5mm

Sinn 556 I

Tudor Black Bay 58 39mm

5K CAD tax included is definitely the top of my budget. Anymore than that and I think I'd feel uncomfortable wearing it and have second thoughts. Just started my first "real" job 4 months ago and I'm on track to make 90K CAD gross but being a sales job I could finish anywhere between 70-100K CAD. How much would you spend on a watch in my financial situation?

Currently living at home and just saving like crazy. Plan on buying a house within the next year for 400K CAD or less and have 30K in investments. Spending 5K CAD on a watch in my position is definitely aggressive, but doesn't seem unreasonable and won't impact my day to day life or long term financial outlook.

One problem I have with spending 5K or close to it on a watch is that the more money I spend on a watch the more concerned I am about resale value and how expensive my watch looks. This might sound shallow, but if I get a 5K watch, I want people to know it's an expensive piece. Whereas if I buy something for 1-2K I'm not worried about resale value or how "flashy" it looks. I'm purely concerned with how I feel about the piece.

1. What other watches do you suggest I take a look at given my tastes and budget?

2. Any criticisms of the pieces I'm looking at?

3. How much would you spend on a watch in my financial situation?
10-10-2021 , 11:03 AM
in that price range... buy used.

the reason being, any piece you buy at the dealer will basically loose nearly 50-60% of it's value. if you buy used, you can get a $7-10k piece that has already depreciated.
10-14-2021 , 04:55 PM
Where are you looking at used watches? A quick glance at Chrono24 shows me that most of the above watches are going for 10-20% off MSRP.
10-15-2021 , 04:47 AM
We have very similar tastes!

Originally Posted by PuckFokerGo Let's Talk Watches
Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical 38mm
I have the date version of this watch and like it. I swapped it onto a NATO strap from [url=]Geckota[/quote] as the standard strap was pretty mediocre in my view.

It is a ~$500 watch, that's a tiny fragment of your budget here.
Tudor Black Bay 58 39mm
I have the Black Bay 41 and quite like the simplicity of it. I was wearing it daily, but found the lack of a date irritating. Now, I think I'll wear my Hamilton ordinarily, and the Tudor for special occasions.
1. What other watches do you suggest I take a look at given my tastes and budget?

One other thing: I suggest matching your watch to the clothing you often wear. Get brown/bronze/silver/blue watch if you wear browns/blue a lot. Get a black/silver watch if you wear black and white a lot.
10-18-2021 , 12:05 PM
Thanks for the suggestions, Josem. I love the Black Bay 58 Bronze but personally wouldn't get it for a one watch collection. This is definitely something I'd seriously consider if I had a couple other heavy hitters.

Does anyone else agree that the Tudor Black Bay 36 is 90% as good looking as the new Rolex Explorer 36 for 50% of the price? If it had an exhibition caseback I'd own one already. I love the new silver colourway for this watch too. It has a ton of character.

I really wish the Tudor Black Bay GMT came in a 39mm option. That would be another easy pick up. Since I'm cursed with small wrists, the BB58 39mm is really pushing what looks, and most importantly, feels comfortable. I'd love to see the BB GMT with a titanium bracelet option too.
10-18-2021 , 06:28 PM
Originally Posted by PuckFokerGo Let's Talk Watches

Does anyone else agree that the Tudor Black Bay 36 is 90% as good looking as the new Rolex Explorer 36 for 50% of the price? If it had an exhibition caseback I'd own one already. I love the new silver colourway for this watch too. It has a ton of character.
Not really... no
11-02-2021 , 11:49 AM
If you like the simple/clean appearance of diving/tool/military watches, some of these might be interesting to y'all:
11-02-2021 , 04:35 PM
there is NOTHING wrong with a JLC... the Mariner is amazing as is the original Polaris and all it's boutique iterations.

HOWEVER, they tend to not hold their value, so buy used. I am eyeing the Mariner Memovox in blue myself, but they have not come down enough yet.

Also, the Blancpain 5015 is a great piece... but it is big and suffers from huge secondary market softness.
11-18-2021 , 07:46 PM
From my first Zelos a few months ago, just received my 3rd. The dial is mesmerising, but hard to capture - it's teal not blue.


Imgur image fail... It's the skyraider teal.

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11-20-2021 , 05:12 PM
click the "..." and go to share links then just copy paste the bbc code and you're good to go

looks like a real beauty, i love it

11-22-2021 , 08:43 AM
I prefer a classic watch, so I have been wearing this little one for three years now. Simple and stylish, nothing more.

11-22-2021 , 08:44 AM
11-25-2021 , 12:55 PM
Originally Posted by BillyDuke1989 Let's Talk Watches

for those that like that 'classic' look and want actual milled textures and embellishments (as opposed to cast or stamped), you should check out Garrick Watches from the UK... lessor known, but the work done ALL in house and by using actual lathes.

Their work is really very good for what is a moderate price in these modern times... they will even make a custom piece just for you to your own specifications, that is a super rare service.

pricing really isn't that bad for such a low volume time piece.

probably the best 'accessible' English watch making these days. Been thinking about getting one.
11-25-2021 , 07:02 PM
Dayum! they are nice. Bookmarked in preparation of my upcoming EuroMillions win...
11-29-2021 , 09:08 AM
Thanks for the advice, a very unusual version. I'll have to think about purchasing this watch ...