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Re: Jazz improvisation thread

Oh hell, I didn't post about how I kind of bombed my jazz guitar jury final. I had to play some jazz song in front of a jury of four people, one of which being the head of the jazz department. After I play, he's like, "I mean, at this point you should kinda have it down more, who are you listening to?" I told him I listen to a lot of Frank Zappa, but I know he's not straight jazz, and the director just started shaking his head no. He says, "What jazz guitarist are you listening to? I only know one jazz guitarist, who I don't even listen to, but I said "Wes Montgomery", and he's like "well he's a good one", but he basically took a **** on me after I told him I like Fiona Apple a lot as well, but she's more jazz fusion.

Then after shaking his head no to Frank Zappa, the three other jurors started talking about Frank Zappa albums, and how much they like them, and I'm thinking come the **** on

idk I like some jazz, it's just not my main genre. I really was quite meh on a lot of the jazz songs I played this semester. I listen to classical way more than jazz, but I'm a rocker.
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