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Anybody live in Atlantic City and play poker? Anybody live in Atlantic City and play poker?

11-20-2021 , 10:51 AM
How is it? I Love Atlantic city since 20 going there way back in 2005. What has your experience been like any stories? Thanks
11-21-2021 , 09:25 PM
I'm guessing there a re a lot of people who play poker in Atlantic City, since there are many casinos there.
11-22-2021 , 09:38 AM
Me to but I didn't ask that. Why talk just to talk I'm looking for experiences. I specifically looking for people who live in the city and don't commute where they live what it's like
11-22-2021 , 02:27 PM
Again, I'm sure there are plenty of people like that in Atlantic City. Why do you ask?
11-24-2021 , 09:26 AM
I'm moving to Atlantic city in September to play poker. Not really to important just seeing
11-24-2021 , 05:12 PM
Cool when you get there, let me know what it's like to live there.
11-24-2021 , 05:25 PM
Your father makes you waste time. Your mother raised you to enjoy doing so.
11-24-2021 , 07:22 PM
Strangely, they're both in Atlantic City.
11-25-2021 , 03:23 AM
Do they play poker?
11-26-2021 , 01:17 AM
I'm kidding, they're both in GA
11-26-2021 , 01:57 AM
I'm sorry.
11-26-2021 , 06:39 AM
Atlanta City.