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Prague TR :)


xBornToLosex & Shipith0lla met eachother at 2p2, more specifically BBV4L.
We've been playing poker and bustoing donks for a while now and got to know each other pretty well.

We are of the clubbing type, and we have both been whining about our friends being busto boring people who don't like to dance and in general are no fun at all.

We sat here one summer day, vacation was closing in and and that's when it all started.
I said to Chris that I really wanted to get the **** out of Norway to go on some crazy vacation with booze and wimminz, but yet again, my friends are all gay and busto.

He could confirm that this was indeed the case for him aswell, and then we both stated the obvious, why don't we just go somewhere? First we were thinking about Amsterdam, but we eventually decided on Prague.

Then we started looking for some accomodation and ended up booking an apartment, set our flights and then everything was set.

This was it, we both found it about strange at first, I mean we've never seen each other IRL and we're going to spend a week together in Prague, but we're both spontaneous people and we really needed this.

Needless to say neither of us regret this one bit, noone can tear up a dancefloor like us two.
And without further ado I present to you:

Well, after much anticipation.. here's our TR:

We both wrote bits each, so ill change the text colour according to who wrote that section.


We both arrived on thursday the 10th, but i obv ran good and arrived a few hours after frode did so he got the fun of trying to find the apartment then ringing me and giving me directions, +ev for my part imo. After spending an hour or so walking around trying to find my suitcase, a bus ticket and some place to get strange looking czech money, i jumped on random bus's then the metro and met Frode close to the apartment, which actually turned out to be really nice for the small amount we paid for it.

The next male instinct kicked in, and that was obv to stock the fridge so we wandered out of the apartment, picked a direction and set off walking and just hoped for the best, and somehow luckbox'd our way into finding a Tesco, where we bought 20 bottles of "gambrinus" or something for 180kr, which is around $12.. as well as snacks for drunken 4am feasts(which later turned out to be 6am feasts for the most part).

After getting our **** together, showering and throwing a shirt on.. we downed a few beers while listening to music and headed out in the hopes of finding some food, cheap beer and hot female wimmin to show us around.

Fast forward 4 hours, and we're stuck in the middle of nowhere, but get handed a flyer to a strip club so obv add that to friday's schedule, and get pointed towards a KFC, which after searching for decent, cheap food sounded ****ing perfect. But i can't run good all the time, and the first beat of the night came when the guy in the que for KFC spent 30 minutes complaning to the only person working on the checkouts there :\

Anyway, after eating for the first time in 24 hours, we go out in search of beer, when i suddenly realised i left my ID back in the apartment, so we decide to call it an early night, seen as tho we were exhausted from not sleeping the previous night and start walking back when we come across a bar with a few americans stood outside chatting, so we go up and ask them where the good pubs + clubs are in this town, and they tell us to go into the pub behind us to which i reply i have no ID. After they finish laughing and telling us that no place in Prague ID's people, one of the less attractive girls starts trying to come onto frode, to which he looks over at me with a "do not want" face, which i found ****ing hilarious so we wish them a good night and head inside the small but cool looking pub to order a cold one, while listning to the random rock tracks they were playing

After drinking up, we make our way back onto the streets to try find our apartment to collapse from exhaustion.. fast forward 3 hours and asking countless people for directions we finally find it and collapse for a solid 8 hours sleep.

Cliff notes for Thursday

-Get to prague, spend forever finding beer and food
-Chris forgets ID, then realises doesn't need one
-We both Collapse from exhaustion.
-Epic Fail


I get woken up by some construction work at 2pm that was taking place on the bottom floor of the block of apartments where we stayed, and decide it's only fair that Frode get's woken too so head to his room and tell him it's time to start drinking, which is exactly what we do for the next 2 hours while listning to dance music on his phone+bluetooth speaker to get pumped up for a night of clubbing. We spend the next hour looking for a good restaurant to eat but we we're looking at the wrong places, just wandering around the heart of Prague which is mad expensive. The prices varies so much in Prague you have no idea. again another epic fail and we end up at mcdonalds or KFC.. i can't remember which, but at least we knew how to get to the apartment at this point. After eating we find a cool pub a little bit out of the way, which was sick cheap.. like $2 for a big mug of strong lager, definatly ++EV.

We have a few there then decide to change into a shirt and jeans back at the apt and go out to a few other bars which went according to plan.

After drinking 3 or 4 bottles and 4 or 5 pints over the course of the afternoon and evening, we're well on our way to getting drunk and its around 9PM so we decide to head over to the strip club. We arrive, and find out that it's 300kr entry ($20) and you get 5 beers included, so spend the next 2 hours looking at amazing wimmin, all of them ranging from very strong 8's some 9's and definitely a few strong 10's iyam, while drinking beer after beer. Now it was time for clubbing, so we make our way over to the main 5-story club. We get there, get scanned for weapons or w/e, pay the 120kr ($8) entry fee and head in to start dancing. Before hitting the dance floor, we obv grab a beer and Frode gets a few shots of vodka to take our drunken stage to the next level.
Frode is a sick drinker, he keeps chugging hudge beers in seconds and shotting massive ammounts of vodka at a regular basis, as expected from a crazy scandinavian though.

We make our way onto the dance floor and within 10 seconds i'm dancing with some hot girl from germany and Frode is with some asian chick from sydney. After me and the girl finish drinking a few shots, i feel really sick so run off to empty my stomach and find shes with another guy when i finish finding breath minds and drinking another beer. So naturally i just wander round and find a different girl from austria, who turns out to be from the same group, so we dance a while until she apologises and tells me she has to leave with her friends... fast forward an hour of dancing and i hook up with a russian girl who can't speak a word of english, but kissed pretty well so i forgave her. The club was sick good tonight though overall.

By this point, Frode has vanished somewhere and isn't answering his phone, so i say good-night to the russian girl who is a bit less attractive now i have sobered up slightly, search the club for 15 minutes, but give up and walk back to the apartment and try ringing him again (i have no key yet btw), and again no answer. I leave a text and think **** i'm gonna have to sleep on a wall somewhere tonight, and being searching..

I find an alcove 5 mins from the apartment when finally frode rings me and comes down to let me in, and informs me that the asian chick is here, so i just headed upstairs, greeted the girl and passed out on my bed.


So yeah, I'm just gonna feed you the bits that Chris missed. Well obviously he missed it cause he weren't present.

It all started at the club, pretty early actually, probably about midnight.
I saw this hot asian girl dancing with another weird gay-looking asian dude, and I immidiately felt the yellow fever grab a hold of me.

So I just went over and talked to the guy first instead of being rude and pushing him away.
The convo went like this while dancing with the two of them:
"so are you with this girl?"
and he goes "no not at all we're just friends"
Me: "well, are you ok if I dance with her then?"
He: "yeah sure no problem, have fun!"

Then I asked her if she wanted to dance with me and she obv said yes, we obv started to dance closer and closer and eventually ended up making out pretty heavily.

Then we got a drink, drank, made out again and then I asked her if she wanted to go back to the apartment for some more drinks to wich she seemed really pleased to hear.
So then we went on a mission to find her friend first, cause she wanted to let him know she probably weren't coming home for the night.

We found him, she spoke to him and he seemed a littlebit mad that we were leaving, but I think her mind was set so we went out.

Now this is the part where I should have been a nice guy, found Chris and told him I was heading off with this girl. But I was so ****ing drunk and had my mind set on asian ass and forgot all about him.

The walk back to our apartment is like 30-40 minutes. We talked alot but I can't remember a damn thing about what. All I know is that she was from Sydney, her friend WAS actually gay and that they were leaving the next day.

We eventually ended up back in the apartment, I grabbed a beer and asked her if she wanted one aswell, to my surprised she said "no I don't drink beer", and from what I remember I only got a few sips before we headed towards the bedroom making out heavily, we got into the bed and the two of us literally ripped eachothers clothes off. I could already tell this girl would be a mad lay.

So then we got to the point where she asked me if I had a condom, and luckily I did, next to the bed.
So she started giving me this really really good blowjob to get it up.

And I got it up, got the condom on and ****ed her for a few minutes. She was moaning real good, you could totally see her enjoying it.

And she was so nice aswell, the cute asian face, perfect sized terts with those coconut brown nipples.

So yeah, I ****ed her for a few minutes and my biggest drunken fear came true. THE ****ING WHISKEY DICK.

Yup, my dick fell and it was no longer erected enough to plunge her tight little asian hole.
When she realized she whispered to me "want me to suck it off?", I obviously loved those words more then anything, cause this girl gave a mad blowjob.

And the next 10-15 minutes consisted of the same thing, wasting condom after condom, only having an erection a few minutes after her giving me a blowjob, we eventually had to give up, cause to my surprise she didn't want me to eat her out, and I totally wanted to return the favour.

I then went to check my phone(this was the second night and Chris didn't have a key yet) and had several texts with "omg dude let me in!"

Apparantly he had been standing there for like 15 minutes, I went downstairs to let him inn.
When we came back up the girl was standing in the door to my bedroom wrapped up in a sheet looking so hawt. She was naked underneath.

I then finished my beer, we talked for a few minutes before we went to bed.

I still can't believe it to this day, I had this gorgeous asian chick laying naked next to me in a bed, and my dick was just so limp.

I woke up pretty early the next day actually, 9am, she was gone.
I was continuously saying to myself "**** **** **** I really wanted to make up for it in the morning, she was such a good lay and now she left because I was a total fail and coulden't perform"

But then I found this nice little piece of paper next to the bed saying "If you're ever in Sydney" with a phone number on the back..

And I bet all of you are now probably screaming inside yourself: worthless without pics, pics or ban, pics or it didn't happend.
And alas I failed. I'm still bashing myself for it, you have no idea how hot she looked standing there naked with a blanket wrapped around herself, yet I did not remember to get pictures..

Cliff notes for Friday

-Chris drinks tons, dances+makes out with several chicks and throws up, Frode gets drunk and has bad sex


We get up at 2pm, and pour ourselves some ceral to have with our wake-up beer, when out of the box falls this piece of plastic and string, which over the week turned into an epic toy (video included).

We grabbed a mcdonalds and walked around the town centre just enjoying the hundreds of gorgeous czech women, occasionally grabbing a beer at a bar. But seriously, Czech wimminz are insane, seeing a perfect ****ing "10 A+ I'd hit it 3 times" model walking around with an ugly guy is totally standard here.
Here are some random pics BTL took at the metro:

At around 7pm, we decide to find a restaurant to eat at, instead of kfc and mcdonalds for a change, and while wandering around, we stumble across "Buffalo Bills". We both wet ourselves in anticipation cause we actually found this restaurant online before the trip and it was actually one of our primary goals to find it. And there it is, totally random. We're starting to run good imo. They have all the epic food you'd expect from a restaurant with the name "Buffalo Bill's". Nacho's, fajitas, steaks, tacos and burgers= gooot. I actually wanted a burger so I got one of those(I later regret that after tasting the tacos) while Frode got some ballin Fajitas that was served on a metal plate that made a sizzling sound, so it actually sounded as if the food was still cooking, kinda.

Afterwards we head over to a bar we had visited previously and talk to some girls for a bit while drinking, and then head to a cool looking place, that served niceee cocktails:

then at 11.. head over to the club again.

Tonight turned out to be a sucky night to go clubbing however, due to 90% of the people there being male tourists.

We were about to leave after a while dancing with the few girls that were actually there, when a black guy with dreads started break dancing, and people were cheering everywhere. Frode wanted in on the action, so he pushes the crowd aside and the black guy is like "zomg dude, your gonna ****ing hurt yourself".. i mean frode doesn't look like a typical break dancer, but he's like yeah its cool, and starts busting some moves and finishes with a sick backflip to which the crowd goes bat**** crazy. Everyone is shaking his hand and everyone wants to talk to him for a while, after the crowd settles down we grab a beer and head home at 2am for a fairly earlier night.

This is a video we tried to capture of the breakdancing, it's really really dark, so you can't really see it taking place, but we decided to poast it anyways cause you can hear the pumping beats in the background and some of the crowd cheering, so it's worth watching to get the feel for the atmosphere at the club.

Cliff notes for saturday

-Find sick good restaurant and eat a lot
-Find epic toy in cereal box
-Frode pwns black guy at break dancing


Today started like any other, with cereal, beer and just chilling out listning to music for a few hours after waking up. But we decided to head towards prague castle and check out the scenery and buildings up there instead of drinking in bars all day. Today was ****ing boiling hot though, it must have been at least 32 celcius, and we were walking up steep hills and stairs.. definatly -ev but whatever, the exercise probably did us good. Rather than describe all the buildings, we'll just post some pics of them.


We also grabbed a pint in a bar in the castle area on our way down, it was really cool as it had a medievil setting from the old viking days. Hay on the floor, wooden benches, dark place with candles and the bartenders there were actually actors.

We then got home, dressed ourselves up, listened to music and drank some more beer before going out.

We went to the usual bar that we've started to get quite fond of to have a few beers again and this time it was really, really crowded.
The good part about this place though apart from the clubs, are that there's absolutely no tourists here. It's filled with beutifull czech women. We eventually sat down with 3 Czech girls and had a few drinks.
We we're getting a little drunk, they were facing away from us but we still knew we had to talk to them somehow.
I think we both got a little approach anxiety here, I was totally bashing myself at this stage, kept telling myself "wtf is the matter with you, you're not supposed to be like this, this is the old you! DO NOT FEEL APPROACH ANXIETY!" And then after bashing myself for 5 minutes I said to myself "**** it, it's +EV no matter how you look at it" then started with the easy "Excuse me, you guys are from around here aren't you?" then we just got in a natural conversation about the place, and eventually we just pulled our map out, they pulled out a pen a tried to show us where Czech people go since we've only seen tourists so far.
It actually turns out that Czech people don't go clubbing much at all, they sit at a bar for a few hours, then when it closes up at 1am they go home. We found that really lame so we left them. Although they seemed pretty impressed with Chris's czech that he'd been practising.

We go out and decide that we'll go find another club named Roxy since we've been to the big 5 story club for a few nights in a row, and the previous night had been a total sausage fest.

We also checked out a reggae bar, but no1 was dancing, so we obv had to

Afterwards we encountered one of the guys (usually black guys) handing out stripclub notes on the streets, they are kind of annoying but the good part about these people is that they usually know where to find places. We told him we had been to the 5 story club to many nights in a row and that last night it had been a total sausage fest and that we wanted to go somewhere else called Roxy.
He then says "no really, it's not that bad on sundays, usually it's worst at fridays and saturdays"
and we we're like "O'RLY" cause we really loved the 5 story club apart from the fact that it was a sausage fest.

We then end up at the same club again, chugging some vodka's and drinking some beers and we we're REALLY pleased to see that the man was actually right, it wasn't that bad tonight.
Now this is BTL writing here and I'm gonna be totally honest with you, I mix different days up cause I was wasted most of the trip, and I have made out and danced with so many hot girls in this club during the nights, and I don't really remember most of them. So yeah, the next few hours are just dancing and making out with girls.

Cliff notes for Sunday
-Visit Some buildings, drink in strange medieval place
-Meet czech women that prefer sleeping to clubbing
-Standard drink and make out with random wimmin


Today we were originally planning on trying to find the swimming pool complex, but after waking up at 2pm and looking out the window.. it was pouring down so obv decided to give it a miss and actually go round shopping for a while and the big shopping centre near our apartment. We wander round and i'm shocked to find that t-shirts are at least 450kr, which is like $30, which is very expensive compared to england, so decide to give it a miss while Frode obv loves it because t-shirts in norway can come up to like $100 each, he also bought a pair of pants I thought was sick expensive, but Frode didn't seem to mind, I suppose he was used to Norway prices. After spending a few hours walking round looking for clothes, and noticing that couples are definatly NOT afraid to go at it in public (people are heavily making out on escalators etc), we grab a few awesome taco's from the cool reastaurant, and decide to stock up on beer and grab a bottle of vodka from Tesco.

On our way home we grab the wrong entrance out of the Metro but we thought it coulden't be that far away. We were wrong. We got totally lost and just went all over the place for a few minutes not knowing where the hell we were.

After walking for a while and eventually got pin-pointed on our way to the metro Chris noticed a mad wasp that kept following him, needless to say he got anoyed when the wasp positioned itself on Chris's neck. Chris tried to wave and punch and telling the little wasp to GTFO.
The little wasp doesen't like this so he stings Chris like a mother****er and leaves a mad looking mark looking like this:

We eventually got home and after drinking half a bottle of vodka and a few beers, we we're really in the mood for some sick clubbing again. We hit the streets again and talk to a couple from romania (i can still remember a few words), then a few girls from switzerland, then the rest of the night was pretty standard really, no point repeating it. Although we did meet a hot swedish hockey team in the club, but they had to leave early the next morning so left the club early

Cliff notes for monday
-Clothes shopping
-Bought and drunk vodka
-Chris gets stung by a wasp
-Met people from various countries


Fired up some snoop dogg on the speakers, drank some beers and grabbed a kfc- standard. Day went kinda slow, just mostly chilling + drinking obv. Night was more eventful.

Decided that we were bored of the same club, and after speaking to the czech girls a few nights ago who marked our map where a few different clubs were, we decided to check out place called the roxy, so we headed out and did the standard thing of finding hot girls to tell us/show us/come with us to the place. After looking around for an hour, we stopped by a corner and decided to check the map when we hear a voice from a few feet away saying "you guys lost?". We look over and see 2 hot girls, with one do not want girl, so obv get talking and it turns out 2 are from sheffield (close to where i live) and one is from glasgow. The girls from sheffield couldn't believe i was from yorkshire and this was when i kinda realised how my accent had changed after hanging around with Frode for several days.. i started to sound american rather than yorkshire- deffo beat obv. Anyway, the 2 sheffield girls have to leave the next day and the one from glasgow leaves the same day as us, but we decide to all head over to the roxy for some drinks. We get there and i get chatting to the hot sheffield girl, while Frode works on the even hotter scottish one (you'll read more off her later in the TR). 2 hours pass and they mention going to the other club, and however bored we are of the place.. we can't resist an offer like that.

We get over there and head downstairs to the rnb/hip-hop floor, and i (being the nice guy i am) buy us a round of vodka shots which the girls seemed to like. Frode said he was starting to get sober again so he bought 3 more vodka's to go with the one I got him, since it was my round again. The crazy Norwegian goes ahead and shot them all 4 in a matter of seconds. We drink up and hit the dance floor, and naturally me and Frode start tearing up the dancefloor around all the guys just bobbing up and down. Hours pass and we're getting druuuunk, and some guy tries to hit on both the girls me and Frode were talking to, which was an epic fail so we laugh and ask him to take a picture of us all.

Afterwards we head upstairs to the bar, and again some guy is trying to break dance and show off in front of the crowd.. i look over and see Frode's eyes light up, so again i hold his drink and he starts showing the crowd what they want. This time, however.. one of the guys that was trying to show off- poorly.. gets jealous and pushes Frode to the side, which doesn't go down to well and they square up to each other, Frode tells him to gtfo, and the other guy takes a swing and all hell breaks loose. Frode starts pounding the guy, when 4 guys jump him, i try hold back one of the guys but im pretty weak tbh, and get pushed to the side. I notice the girls walking away looking worried, and the bouncers are breaking up the fight so i decide to back off and go after the girls.


So then the fight started, I started throwing some fists at him and before I knew it I had fists coming at me from every ****ing angle.
me vs 4.
I know Chris would jump in any time but I think these guys were pretty big, and the girls didn't want to watch this and was leaving, so I don't blame him at all for following them, since we didn't have their phone numbers yet.

So there I was throwing my fists around trying to aim at 4 people while being piss drunk.
I can't really remember what happened afterwards but I think I got bounced out of there cause I remember finding myself outside cursing.

Well, I guess Chris and the girls woulden't be leaving any time soon so I just started talking to random people outside.

At first I started talking with 5 russian guys about what had just happened, they actually wanted to go back in there with me and find the guys but meh, I wanted to go talk to some girls.

Then I met two girls, I can't remember what the **** I did or what I said to them, but one girl gave me a hug and told me "you're my ****ing hero" or something. I don't think it was cause of the fight cause I don't think I brought it up with them at all, but then like 20 minutes afterwards I think they were abit disgusted with me.

I kept talking about limp dicks, how I can't perform if I'm drunk, but if they came with me (both of them) I would lick them so good they'd be in heaven.

Then I parted with them somehow, went abit towards the apartment, then I sat down for a cigarette.

Then this pretty cute brunette walks past me with this totally black guy, the tension looked abit bad so I just jumped in between them and asked them if I could follow them cause I was going that way anyways.

The girl was actually very keen on that idea but the guy didn't like it much, but the pussies words are my law, so I went with them.

It actually turned out to be the cenario where the guy had followed her for like an hour and she coulden't get rid of him and she was getting kinda scared. I obv helped her get rid of him in a nice way (no fighting) and she insisted on me following her back to her hostel.
We got there in a few minutes and she gave me a hug(meh) and insisted on giving me her number so she and her friends could come see us the next day, which is all good!

I got her number, went home and had to wake Chris up to tell him we we're getting visitors the next day.

The problem is though when I got to her the next day she told me her friend had ended up in the hospital with a concussion and a bad leg, and the people there didn't speak good english.

So we didn't meet up with them cause they were leaving the next day.
I guess you were expecting something juicy with this girl but I'm sorry to dissapoint you. :>


I decide to stick around with the girls because one of them got her wrist bent when a guy got pushed into her so i was obv running ice on her, and probably missed an awesome opportunity for a kiss, but meh w/e. By this point its around 4am, so we get another drink (scottish girl actually bought me a drink back and gave me her number at this point) and just chill out for the next hour, before heading outside.

We get outside and see a girl lying on the floor with another leaning over her, so me and the girls decide to check what's wrong. It turns out shes had some bad weed and is really ****ed up, so i kneel down, ask her name and just generally see how we can help her.. offer to help her home etc. After 10 minutes or so, she sits up and appears to have recovered slightly, and they insist they can get home ok, so i head back over to the girls, who say they have to leave, so they can get 4 hours sleep before catching the train the next day

I ask for the sheffield girls number, but she makes up some excuse and apologises and leaves with her friend, but before leaving.. the scottish girl comes over and seems dissapointed that i'm walking home a different way to them, so gives me a hug and a peck and says "we should defo meet up tomorrow" which i find weird because i heard she was in a long-term relationship but whatever i can't complian.

So i get back to the apartment and am suprised to find frode is AWOL so i leave him a text that i'm back and get some sleep. Sleep doesn't last long, and i'm awoken an hour later by a super-drunken but excited looking Frode who exclaims that we are getting swedish visitors tomorrow :O

Cliff notes for tuesday
-Meet hot girls, hang out all night
-Frode fights, and gets kicked out
-Hopefully expecting swedish/scottish company the next day


I wake up to a text from the scottish girl saying "what time should i come up" so i sort out to meet up with her tonight but we realise it's our last day to enjoy prague, and we still have like 15 beers and half a bottle of vodka in the fridge, so we decide to get absolutly wasted first and then stay awake all night. We down a few beers and decide we have to go get awesome taco's one last time.. which is exactly what we do. After food, more beer and the rest of the vodka follows, and we're pretty drunk by around 6pm. We then meet up with the scottish girl and she comes back to our apartment where we finish the remainder of the alcohol as well as the vodka she brought with her, while talking about how she loves her boyfriend but how its so tough not to cheat while away for a long time etc etc. After a while, we decide to find the reggae bar, her and the sheffield girls visited the previous day to try get hold of some weed. We spend a while trying to find it and when we finally do at 12.15, we find it's closed 15 minutes earlier, which was a real downer.

After much discussion, we decide to grab some drinks at a different bar, and after grabbing a quick snack at a food booth, we get ushered into an irish bar, which we assumed would be empty, but wowww were we wrong. The place was packed, people were dancing on tables and glasses were being smashed a plenty all over the place, so we obv went over a grabbed a drink, and found a seat at the side of the room.
We end up chatting to some guys and girl from boston, who are well and truly drunk, and ended up buying me and Frode a tequila shot and a vodka redbull each. After some drinks, we realise the dance floor is starting to get empty, so obv we jump up and start busting out the usual moves and the Americans go crazy. Soon enough it picks up again, and i think we end up dancing to a roy orbison song or something, but w/e its all good
After coming back after a few songs, we hear the american guys and the scottish girl arguing about the war (one of the guys is stationed over there). I decide to not get involved and after a while they just stop aruging and just ignore each other, which is cool. Also, one of the american guys was begging them to play a hip-hop song, and the last song of the night= 50 cent, obv +ev

Eventually it's like 3am and we get kicked out and decide to head over to another place to drink until sunrise, so we head off walking down the which point the scottish girl starts making excuses to hold me so she doesn't fall over etc etc. Eventually we give up and decide to get some taxi's across to an rnb club, so me, Frode, the scottish girl and one of the american guys hop in a taxi and head over there. To my amazement, the scottish girl starts rubbing her hand over my arm, then leg, then my balls. I lol'd after listning to her earlier about her bf and how hard it is not to cheat, but i'm an ******* so i'm not turning her down.
We get to the place, and grab a drink there and we talk a while before deciding to goto the main club AGAIN for the last hour. We get there and within 10 minutes the scottish girl is all over me, and Frode says "i feel a bit like the 5th weel on the wagon and heads off to find some other girls to dance with".

I left Chris with the girl that last night.
I was actually kinda angry at first, I mean I was the one who started to talk with this girl, where did I fail? I just coulden't understand. But then I thought "**** it, Chris hasn't got laid yet, he deserves this broad!" then I just said "I'm not gonna be the fifth wheel on the wagon, you guys have fun!"

I then went abit all over the place dancing, but I mean the clock was already like 5am or something and it was closing up, so I left there and started walking home.
I then saw two cute swedish girls walking with 1 spanish guy, I obviously joined up with them cause I was walking the same way.

Then I kinda hit it off with the girl that seemed to be the third wheel on the wagon, this is the one: (insert pic of swedish girl here)
But that girl is not the punchline of this story though, so I'm just gonna leave it with telling you we made out a little but thats it, still a solid brag imo.

But yeah I obviously invited them over to our apartment, but we ended up going to the hostel the spanish guy was staying(I don't regret it)

We got there, got some beer, and positioned ourselves outside.
More and more people joined us and one of the spanish dudes played the guitar and we we're all singing along and listening to some unknowned spanish songs and some more known songs.
It was really awesome, but the most awesome of all this, and the punchline of this story, is the emperor.

The emperor in this story is really just a really drunken spain guy sitting in his boxers with a blanket drinking beer and claiming to be the emperor of spain drinking the "wine of god" obv supposed to be blood of god but w/e, it was really hilarious.

I did shoot a small video of this and it's just so ****ing epic:

I just watched the video of the emperor again, we have to add to the text that the swedish girl actually burns him with a cigarette in the end, I didn't even notice the first times I watched it, ****ING HILARIOUS!

I then looked at the clock and it was 7:30am and I was like "oh ****, our flight leaves in a few hours", I was so ****ing drunk at the time, but I said my goodbyes to the amazing people there and left for the apartment, when I got back home I was really jolly and cheery and then I found Chris half dressed looking like a bum on the bed and obviously woke him up.
Then we went for the airport to get back home, I was still drunk when i boarded the plane

So after we get kicked out of the place, me and the scottish girl are just completely wasted and Frode is nowhere to be found and she has to catch a train in like 4 hours so i offer to walk her back to her hostel. However, she was too drunk to remember where it was so we're just walking around the streets randomly making out and asking people how to get to this hostel. Fast forward an hour and we find the place and head inside, where she jumps on me, and pulls me towards "her" room. I say "her" because we get in there and theres like ****ing 10 people sleeping all over the place, and i then realise that i have no condom with me so i just say "no way am i going to do it in a room full of sleeping people without a condom". She then pushes me back into the corridor/stairway, we makeout some more and i obv get a boner, so she starts giving me a blowjob, which normally would be awesome... i had the oh-so horrible problem of whiskey dick too, so i just apologised, wished her good-night and headed back towards the apartment. Luckily the metro had opened (it was like 6.30am) so it didn't take me too long. I got back and Frode still wasn't there so i just passed out on the bed for like 20 minutes before Frode stumbled into the apartment, immensly drunk and pissing himself laughing over something about an emperor

It's like 7am, so we finish packing all the stuff and try stay awake while making our way back over to the airport. We get there and get checked in and Frode passes out on some chairs, so i obv remind him to fly home before sleeping, wish him a fun 150 hour journey home and board my flight. And wow, it'd depressing being back in england after a ****ing epic week in prague. And after landing i get a text from the scottish girl, wishing me a safe journey home and how last night was fun etc. lolallgirlsareslutsaments.

Cliff notes for wednesday/thursday
-Get very, very, very drunk
-Stay awake all night and remain drunk even while boarding the flights
-I get whiskey dick too
-Frode meets the emperor of spain
-All girls are sluts

Prague cliff notes
-Possibly the best week of my life/our lives
-A+ trip, can't wait to go again
-Exhausted from ballin
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Re: Prague TR :)

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Re: Prague TR :)

Whisky dick / beercock is terrible. I feel bad for you.
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Re: Prague TR :)

Originally Posted by dirtbag88 View Post
Whisky dick / beercock is terrible. I feel bad for you.
She still gave a mad BJ.
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Re: Prague TR :)

That's like going to a restaurant and only eating a really good appetizer when everyone else is eating Filet and King Crab.
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Re: Prague TR :)

Originally Posted by dirtbag88 View Post
That's like going to a restaurant and only eating a really good appetizer when everyone else is eating Filet and King Crab.
Sex with condom while drunk isn't really that good anyways, a BJ is actually alot better hence the reason I always had a boner while she was blowing me but a sloppy dick while trying to **** her.
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Strummin' along
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Re: Prague TR :)

Awesome tr
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making sick bumps
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Re: Prague TR :)

i'll be honest i'm still a little tilted by the delay

but good TR
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Re: Prague TR :)

Originally Posted by gtpitch View Post
i'll be honest i'm still a little tilted by the delay

but good TR
"Good things come to those that wait"
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Re: Prague TR :)

WonderBoy wants to go to Prague.

Who will join him?
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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: Prague TR :)

If only all TR's were this well done

Seriously, 5 ****ing stars
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Re: Prague TR :)

Wow, epic TR
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Re: Prague TR :)

nice TR! A+ and when you feel you are doing good with a girl drink some waters so you don't have a wasted dick...
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Re: Prague TR :)

You're going to have all of 4L wantin to goto Prague now (including myself)

very cool tr
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Re: Prague TR :)

good stuff. OP where in Yorkshire you live?
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Re: Prague TR :)

A+ tr

bump for mad blowjays
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Re: Prague TR :)

Originally Posted by KingofJ View Post
good stuff. OP where in Yorkshire you live?
Huddersfield, west yorkshire.

Thanks for the responses guys, glad you enjoyed it
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Re: Prague TR :)

Did you guys hold hands while blogging this?

wayy tldr but I skimmed for pussy and it seems the only nutbusting that occured was autonutbusting..

Epic TR A+
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Re: Prague TR :)

whats lo sex and how were you born to it?
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Re: Prague TR :)

epic lack of pics of girls
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Re: Prague TR :)

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Lazy Meatball
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Re: Prague TR :)

wow,can't read all of it now, but I enjoy how you drink right when you get up, like me.
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Re: Prague TR :)


good TR i wanna go to prague
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Re: Prague TR :)

thats too long, how many girls did each of you bang?
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dreaming of sheeps
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Re: Prague TR :)

wow, sounds like you guys had a blast, awesome tr, imo
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