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omg omg omg someone just invited me over their house omg omg omg someone just invited me over their house

02-17-2008 , 08:14 AM
oh and can i make a request?
can i have a custom title to reflect im the best
at rapsnapping b itches freestyle,
winning these contests by a mile,
i really wish i had a challenge,
a loss i could avenge,
rather than always be in the lead,
but i guess you could call it greed,
to clearly be numero uno,
and still expect to lose, you know?
02-17-2008 , 08:14 AM

scrambled eggs w sausage or

french toast w sausage + scrambled eggs
02-17-2008 , 08:14 AM
your lucky i need to go smoke a cig
talking like you all big
but ill snap ya like a twig
like the last drink of my beer a swig
02-17-2008 , 08:15 AM
be back in a second
02-17-2008 , 08:16 AM
but i mean its not gonna happen here,
i really don't have much to fear,
the only thing siouxbrew has is his avatar pic,
its causing me to constantly cease typign in order to tend to my d ick,
but i guess its a valid tactic,
since within my rapping i possess my own array of tricks,
02-17-2008 , 08:16 AM
ok time out, can we get a score please?
02-17-2008 , 08:18 AM


3rd-I came

02-17-2008 , 08:18 AM
anyone watch the mouthpiece on cardplayer?

wts happenin in here, its been a while

i refuse to read up
02-17-2008 , 08:18 AM
no was it good?
02-17-2008 , 08:19 AM
ty ty

everyone PM dids and request custom title for me

"freestyler" imo
02-17-2008 , 08:24 AM
k back
02-17-2008 , 08:25 AM
god you keep trying to stepping to me
like your really some type of emcee
when i show, youll be on bended knee
cause ive torn your name to debris
02-17-2008 , 08:26 AM
Originally Posted by JokersAttack
ty ty

everyone PM dids and request custom title for me

"freestyler" imo
lol we should
02-17-2008 , 08:26 AM
it seems like the apocalypse
like its all gonna end
but im here to the end
here till its dead
around till i at least see nips
02-17-2008 , 08:28 AM
location says ramsus kock
but that happens to be my porn name
the name that has given me fame
mainly cause my horse ****
02-17-2008 , 08:28 AM
02-17-2008 , 08:28 AM
do we have to continue dude?
i mean, it's getting kinda rude,
and I don't want to be crude,
when I could be chomping on food,
or fetching some lube,
and getting in that nice fiesty mood,
that's right a further rapoff im trying to elude,
when i could be rewatching that pron, god so lude,
so i hope this is not misconstrewed,
so to this please don't allude
02-17-2008 , 08:29 AM
10 straight, god that has to be a record
02-17-2008 , 08:29 AM
you have the staying power
it seems like you gave it up to me
which i guess doesnt really surprise
considering all you spray is lies
02-17-2008 , 08:31 AM
you thank your the king
but trust me you aint
its a new regime
thats in her to take
the supposed crown you seek
but the crown aint for taking
its here for keeps
02-17-2008 , 08:33 AM
not sure what you mean by 10 in a row
if 10 men in a line that youll blow
i can see where you think your king
and to my crown i dont plan on adding
02-17-2008 , 08:34 AM
if your saying you gay
dude that totally okay
i dont fly with that shat
but i guess you enjoy the scat
02-17-2008 , 08:34 AM
are you sure you don't want to sit?
maybe you should just quit
your rhymes are losing vigor,
b itch you just can't pull the trigger
i'm losing motivation,
you're ineptitude is causing me great frustration
02-17-2008 , 08:35 AM
the scat on your dong
the scat in your thong
the yearning which you long
for is not part of my theme song
02-17-2008 , 08:36 AM
i'm gonna lie,
there's a fire inside,
but you can't arouse my passion,
my skills are going out of fashion,
when there's no one here to test them,
push them, lock, arrest them,
you brew, i defy
to beat me, hell even try