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omg omg omg someone just invited me over their house omg omg omg someone just invited me over their house

02-17-2008 , 07:54 AM
Originally Posted by iRockPoker03
but are you beating it to milfs?
no, i prefer bilfs
02-17-2008 , 07:55 AM
o, u came?
it must be a scame
for your penus is a myth,
it exists only in the abyss
o yea that's right,
i'm pickin a fight,
but you're incapable,
and even if you could, my wrath is inescapable
so don't try to run, i don't stumble
and you best believe, even now I'm being humble
02-17-2008 , 07:55 AM
Siouxbrew has taken the lead
02-17-2008 , 07:55 AM
man she just came and created a puddle on the floor
02-17-2008 , 07:56 AM
hey jokers

02-17-2008 , 07:57 AM
stop penalizing me on time,
its not liek im falling behind,
my rhymes dominated his,
and im doing it while i jizz,
just judge us on content,
lest on judgement day you'll have to repent,
o **** she just said "smack that",
and then yelped liek a stray cat
02-17-2008 , 07:59 AM
im preheating this verse,
like a corpse in a herse,
im getting hot under the collar,
but its not because you threw me a dollar,
this pron is amazing,
milfhunter should be made king,
he just camed on her arse,
**** this can't be a farse,
there's no way she is a pronstar,
she can't take milfhunter's **** let alone a 12'' bar
02-17-2008 , 07:59 AM
jokers now in lead
02-17-2008 , 08:00 AM
02-17-2008 , 08:01 AM
coldi now in lead
02-17-2008 , 08:01 AM
o im in lead?
do I have time to feed?
or are you gonna berate me,
post more images and hate me,
if I dont churn these rhymes out,
will you keep bitching and pout?
o im sorry if i brought you into this,
but my penus is no longer in my fist,
yea i just camed,
and the movie just finished too, what a shame
02-17-2008 , 08:01 AM
oh so i shouldt say i let loose?
but im feeling ontop of the game
kinda feeling like zeus
cause im the god of fame
please try not to blame
its your girlfriends face and my juice.
02-17-2008 , 08:02 AM
jokers in lead for caming
02-17-2008 , 08:03 AM
o look here's another,
better call your mother,
ive cummed on the carpet,
unfortunately not in some hot harlot,
but never mind,
im no longer behind,
that's right im in the lead,
bitches tkae heed
02-17-2008 , 08:03 AM
this is a nail bitter folks
02-17-2008 , 08:04 AM
o look u jsut posted,
i thought u'd had overdosed it,
but not on the pills,
but my rhyming skill
alright alright do we have to keep this up?
i kinda wanna troll some other forums up
02-17-2008 , 08:05 AM
i see its time to spit fire
its like a rapid round
in which you admire
the fact that i can pound
the S**** out of you and you retire
next thing you know im the last sound
02-17-2008 , 08:06 AM
troll other forums while i make a sandwhich
02-17-2008 , 08:06 AM
but w/e it doesn't matter,
you're just a chump deep friend in batter,
ill finish you now,
im busting a cap, pow
o look here's another one now,
im rhying hardcore to end this row,
put your ear close i'll tell you how,
if your mother allows
02-17-2008 , 08:06 AM
02-17-2008 , 08:07 AM
go troll what you will
ill stroll still im ill
you gots to leave
i guess its to grieve
your just being naive
my style is a pet peeve?
02-17-2008 , 08:07 AM
come on dude admit it,
im more than you bargained for, you're ****,
im a poet, im a styler,
i post while watching the milfhunter defile her
her, who's her?
the 4th bitch down in my milf post, durrrrrrr
she's so fkn hot man,
im tempted to turn on the fan
02-17-2008 , 08:09 AM
aight now its truly on
im gonna kill like kong
and not the game
more of the name
and what i claim
its alot of the same
but it tends to shame
you think your a lion
but im here to tame
yeaa im pissing on your flame
02-17-2008 , 08:09 AM
ok i win, thankyou,
im gonna wait for the final verdict, then do a poo
i really do believe,
though, that you do deserve a reprieve
so i'm going to allow,
you one more verse, you best start now
then irock can verify,
that my rhymes do terrify
ok ok that's it,
im still fighting fit
02-17-2008 , 08:13 AM
ill admit your quite a foe
but it aint gonna phase me
im gonna get rid you
just like most of the hoes
that try to step to me
you stank worse than bleu
cheese like cheddar
ill call you howard ledderer
cause youll never be like me
this one and only mc