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omg omg omg someone just invited me over their house omg omg omg someone just invited me over their house

02-10-2008 , 01:19 AM
whose in heartbreak kid again? it sounds familiar.
02-10-2008 , 01:20 AM
the dewpoint here is -21 F so its a little dry, and i was not in a fight, i sneezed and BAM its over.
02-10-2008 , 01:20 AM
i would go with atonement
02-10-2008 , 01:21 AM
ive never seen it, but ive seen HB kid and i didnt like it, and doc said invasion was meh, so theres my reasoning
02-10-2008 , 01:26 AM
I liked juno
the invasion is ok but would be better if I hadn't seen the classic body snatchers flix
02-10-2008 , 01:27 AM
i heard juno was pretty funny
02-10-2008 , 01:29 AM
goin to get some wings for dinner soon
02-10-2008 , 01:29 AM
cant believe they charge me extra to get all the flat kind
02-10-2008 , 01:30 AM
and i bet they charge extra to get all the bad kind too
02-10-2008 , 01:30 AM
02-10-2008 , 01:32 AM
lolz nice avatar dk
02-10-2008 , 01:32 AM
just jizz on them and tell them to tariff that import to their face
02-10-2008 , 01:33 AM
if shes a nympho she will prolly comp your meal, then leave work and go home with you.
02-10-2008 , 01:37 AM
02-10-2008 , 01:39 AM
not my style of music but the video is kinda cool, the song aint bad either i guess, i was expecting a rickroll kind of though.
02-10-2008 , 01:40 AM
wow you are running good spame.
02-10-2008 , 01:42 AM
watch out for USCULDFOLD though, i have a premonition.
02-10-2008 , 01:44 AM
spame do you realize your avg 83 poasts a day, that is just redic
02-10-2008 , 01:46 AM
favorite song of all time hands down,
02-10-2008 , 01:47 AM
i like rap obv, em is my fav prolly followed by dre, tupac, jayz
02-10-2008 , 01:48 AM
i like more of the old school rap style, but a few of akons songs are decent i guess, and lil whyte is also the ****.
02-10-2008 , 01:49 AM
this is my second fav by far, he kills is on that one section i know you know what im talking about
02-10-2008 , 01:50 AM
i actually made an eminem remix song on my friends comp who had a nice audio program and the lines from em in this song were the hook. i think this is his best set of lyrics but my fav song is still lose yourself
02-10-2008 , 01:52 AM
the line thats starts shady records was 80 seconds away the tower is probably the best part.
02-10-2008 , 01:54 AM
i have not seen his old school thread, old school to me, considering im only 20 is prolly anything from the 20th century.