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omg omg omg someone just invited me over their house omg omg omg someone just invited me over their house

02-09-2008 , 07:24 AM
Originally Posted by DavidSpamesky
that means badwareaments imo
u r right

malware sounds too French
02-09-2008 , 07:24 AM
idk lloyd the french are *******s
02-09-2008 , 07:43 AM
it almost takes a full 20 seconds to post in the other omg omg omg thread and come back here...good pace to keep
02-09-2008 , 07:44 AM
i keep getting confused which one im posting in now this is werird...some kind of alternate universe
02-09-2008 , 07:46 AM
this one isnt as good imo
02-09-2008 , 07:48 AM
lol which one im lost in omgs
02-09-2008 , 07:53 AM
cork soakers wont send me validation email
02-09-2008 , 07:55 AM
I got permabanned from pokerstars for having 3 accounts
02-09-2008 , 07:56 AM
I never played the same tournys or anything shady
02-09-2008 , 07:56 AM
3k poasts seems alot closer did they catch u..arb crooks
02-09-2008 , 08:59 AM
Damn it feels good to be a gangsta
A real gangsta-ass ***** plays his cards right
A real gangsta-ass ***** never runs his ****in mouth
Cuz real gangsta-ass *****s don't start fights
And *****s always gotta high cap
Showin' all his boys how he shot em
But real gangsta-ass *****s don't flex nuts
Cuz real gangsta-ass *****s know they got em
And everythings cool in the mind of a gangsta
Cuz gangsta-ass *****s think deep
Up three-sixty-five a year 24/7
Cuz real gangsta ass *****s don't sleep
02-09-2008 , 08:59 AM
i fit all those criteria
02-09-2008 , 09:00 AM
although i do occasionally flex nuts
02-09-2008 , 09:00 AM
then you can join my rap posse imo

Last edited by DavidSpamesky; 02-09-2008 at 09:00 AM. Reason: were called the geto boys
02-09-2008 , 09:02 AM
i was in a mostly black crew/gang in high school...we did some pretty bad things
02-09-2008 , 09:02 AM
as long as you werent a crip I wont have to pop a cap in yo ass
02-09-2008 , 09:03 AM
no i wasnt...i actually almost got jumped by crips once
02-09-2008 , 09:03 AM
long island suburbs srs bzns
02-09-2008 , 09:04 AM
bloodz for lyfe *****
02-09-2008 , 09:04 AM
i almost became a blood once...feels like so long ago
02-09-2008 , 09:06 AM
so sick that im not even joking haha
02-09-2008 , 09:07 AM
i had this really ugly red outfit...seems pretty embarrassing that i wore that in public thinking back on it
02-09-2008 , 09:08 AM
omgomg im crushing 2 more 6 maxes maybe i will be able to pay rent
02-09-2008 , 09:08 AM
itd be funny if we could spread omg threads in every forum
02-09-2008 , 09:09 AM
we could.......