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BBV4Life Seemingly Indescribable

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live 42 day
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HOF & Updated Rules


It is well known that 95% of the threads in BBV4Life are pure unadulterated horse**** that aren't worth the time it would take us to delete them. But some of them rise above the fetid swamp of memes and misogyny to entertain and be worthy of preservation. Those are the hall of fame threads. And here they are.


Paul "reefdawg" Joynt Memorial Tourney
Slicktorine's girlfriend is a good sport.
Emmemere has a camera.
Getterdone is Mother of the Year
Play a hand with Georgia Avenue.
What if I stop before the white stuff comes out?
Gildwulf has a crush.
ipot goes back to school.
Spechel Edd pwns a thread.
Animal Crackers
dangeraw tests his bisexuality.
Ryan Beal gazes into the night sky.
Goofyballer has a date. It goes poorly. He writes her a letter.
Everybody meet Alan!!!
VegasNick and the origin of hudge
Josem wins at BBV (SIIMP)
Ladies & Gents, meet Pooter
PritEPritEGood is both short and sweet
ITT We Troll Physics
Crazy Jamacian Roommate Tried to Shank Me
Stealing People's Kodak Moments aka Blutarski's Good Thread

MSPaint/Photoshop division:

Dr. Spaceman compilation
Labarde compilation
Boy I'd like to hang out with this guy Brad.
Big sunglasses
All sorts of good stuff in here.
Bear vs. Gorilla
Politicians as NBA players
JMitchell42's 10K: Great Photoshops of Our Time
Dr. Spaceman 2k1 Odyssey
GigantoWalleye's TR is better than GiantWalleye's, if he'd ever written it.
MSPaint Animals doing 4L Things
Dr. Spaceman is a God amongst men.
BBV4L relates to Bachelor Frog
Your pics get Wiggled
Walrus Guy
4L Gets Creative in the Bathroom
So Hippocritical
Gullanian Writ Some Companies

Hawt wimminz division:

4Lifers' irl friends.
The 4L Wimminz Asses

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not god, probably jebus
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Updated Rules & HOF

This entire forum used to be considered NSFW. From now on, however, while there may be some NSFW stuff, it will primarily be the case for those working in a convent.

There was never a license to post inline nudity and porn links & now we're going to steer clear of ADULT/SEXUALLY GRATIFYING material, which apparently includes "images or video content containing lewd or provocative poses, or close-ups of breasts, butts, or crotches."

4L is a wild forum and supposed to be. It is your responsibility to make your posts acceptable. If you do not feel you can follow the linked rules or the guidelines under which this forum has been run, please err on the side of caution because the rules still apply and will be enforced. Now, even more so.

No jail bait. In all cases jail bait will be deleted, in most cases it will end with an infraction.

No hotlinking. Rehost all your pictures. Hotlinking is a pain in the ass for mods to deal with, steals bandwidth from other sites, puts random dirty cache links in your browser, can be replaced by porn or any other image fail, etc and so forth....and worst of all someone could replace your image with close-ups of asses/crotches/b00bs & the like.

BBV4L is not a porn forum. No porn. No inline nudity. If you can't post a picture of it, you can't ms paint/photoshop it. Again, 4life is not a porn forum. Think of FHM or Maxim as guidelines for acceptable pictures...& now also consider the sexually gratifying double standard.

No asking for steaks in 4life, staking requests go in the Staking forum. there is even a thread specific for 4life.

Derailing. It can help turn a **** thread into a half way readable thread. That said, sometimes it is bad. If a a bad derail happens, that takes a thread in a negative, terrible, trolly direction, everyone involved will receive an infraction.

Threads about deleted threads are not BBV4L material. If you have a question about why a thread was deleted or why a poster was banned, ATF will be your best bet if you feel you must make a thread. Otherwise, just contact a mod directly.

If your thread or post was deleted, pointing out how a similar thread or post was not deleted will not get yours recovered. It is, however, a good way to ensure other threads or posts get deleted that may have been overlooked.

Gimmicks are allowed, but not so you can troll people without racking up infractions on main accounts, "splitting" the infraction points up, if you will. People creating gimmicks just for these purposes will have their infractions transferred.

Necroing threads is allowed, but it will be discouraged if it becomes excessive.

Do not try hitting her. Do not try raping her. Do not go kill yourself or burn in a fire of grease. 4life may not be the strictest of places, but we're not going to advocate violence against women, yourself, or other people. "You gonna get raped" is okay, "She put you in the friendzone, you put her in the rapezone" is not okay.

Do not evade the profanity filter. Words are filtered here. Circumventing the profanity filter in pictures or words will earn an infraction.

Pics or GTFO. People enjoy pictures. They're worth 1000 words, & take much less time to read. If you don't have any good words, try adding a cool picture. Whether the picture be a photo, a photoshop, or a paint is up to you, but we tend to be a visual community. That being said, if you have an interesting story to tell, pics are not essential, just encouraged.

When posting pics, try not to trainwreck yourself & others (including not posting Facebook profile pics, which are apparently searchable by nefarious people like gregorio), & stay within the Gratifying Adult rules.

No Multi-post spam. Combine your thoughts and quotes into a single post where you can. There is no rule against double or multiple posting however, spammy multiple posts that occur within the same minute or within one minute will be merged together and your poast count decreased accordingly.

Do not use links to screw with other posters' settings. Yes, it was kind of funny the first time it happened, but figuring out what obscure 2+2 setting was changed is not worth the hassle.

And of course...
Two Plus Two Interactive, LLC Disclaimer Regarding “Prop Bet,” “Challenge,” and “Wager” Forum Posts.

Two Plus Two encourages the candid and open exchange of information and communications between its members. The sheer size and scope of our forums - and the rapid distribution of information originating from thousands of different sources every day - limits our ability to monitor, approve, delete, edit, censor, or screen certain posts that may be offensive or may contain information relating to harmful or illegal activity.

As noted in our terms and conditions, Two Plus Two is not legally responsible for the content of any post, or the accuracy of any information discussed or uploaded onto the Forums by the members. Opinions, advice, discussions, and all other information expressed by the members are those of the members themselves, and not necessarily shared by Two Plus Two.

This includes posts or threads relating to contests, tournaments, “prop bets,” challenges, and wagers between Forum members. Two Plus Two does not, and will not, “book” any bets or wagers between Forum members. Further, Two Plus Two takes no official part in any bets, wagers, related posts, or the discussion of any such transactions between Forum members.

Two Plus Two makes no guarantees or certifications whatsoever that any bets, wagers, or transactions discussed on the Forums are legal, safe, accurate, or sanctioned by Two Plus Two in any way. You rely on such information at your own risk. As such, Two Plus Two will not be liable for the ultimate legality of such transactions nor will Two Plus Two be held responsible for any potential loss or harm to its members as a result of such transactions.
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