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BBV4Life Seemingly Indescribable

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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BBV4L burping competition

Can you burp loud enough to rattle the windows? Think you can outburp your fellow 2+2ers?
i challenge/propose for you to prove it in a competition. Nothing to large cash wise, just $10 entry or something like that since 95% of BBVers are busto

suggested rules:
upon the start of the competition competitors will have 24h to submit their best burp, only 1 submission per person
burp must be recorded in both sound and video
before or after the burp you must verbally say the current date at the time, so nobody uses somebody elses pre-recorded burp
and just be honest, dont try and loop it into an insanely long one or something dumb like that
half of the prize pool goes to the loudest burp
half of the prize pool goes to the longest burp
mods can escrow obv

not sure how the voting should be done but just want to see if this will spark enough interest to even have a competition, so feel free to give suggestions
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Re: BBV4L burping competition

quit drinking antifreeze
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