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Wiring money to Rio for WSOP

So I searched up and did find some old threads about this, but nothing relevant to current times and the setup they have at the Rio now.

I spoke to ceasars on the phone and they say that it's possible to register for trnys online through bravopokerlive and wire the money over. This seems less than ideal as it requires one-by-one registration for each tournament that you wish to play in advance, and does not allow withdrawing any money or regging different trnys (you can unreg and send money back, but not unreg and withdraw or unreg and reg something else).

I had imagined you would be able to wire money over to keep in their cage, maybe paying a small comission, and then be able to use that money as cash or at least register to events that u choose from that lump sum, at the rio, in person.

Going out for just over a month this year planning to play a lot but this sounds like both a lot of hassle (having to register each event one by one) and not great for a flexible schedule (its pretty hard to know what you will play every day for a month with day 2s etc).

If anyone has a better method of getting lots of money to Vegas for the series (not cash, from outside the USA), please share
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Re: Wiring money to Rio for WSOP

Did you get any useful advice in your search? What did you end up doing? (planning for a trip soon)
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