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Re: PokerStars MTT Thread

Luke is on the Discord, but there might be others monitoring this thread.
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Re: PokerStars MTT Thread

Originally Posted by coon74 View Post
That was a Robin Hood gesture - taking EV from good regs who frequent FTs and giving it to bad ones who cash often enough but get destroyed on the way to the FT I might even be able to show a profit sattying into major $22s later this year
ya, they are rewarding the players that make the game playing experience miserable for the majority of the players that want to play poker. As mentioned before by me in this thread deliberate stalling has noticeably increased and it's due to the stupid bubble dynamics that Stars has inserted into their structures. The second bubble after the initial ITM bubble is almost as significant as the first bubble in alot of their tournaments. After taking away all that money from the final table to pay out these lame earlier bubble jumps it creates all these scummy grimy players trying to push out their low single digit ROIs in these MTTs by abusing their time banks. It's ridiculous and makes the playing experience much less exciting by anybody with open eyes.

They are entitled to make the changes they choose and it's their company but in the case of the changing of their tourney structures to the ones current it's almost as if they removed the homerun from baseball or are trying to re-invent the wheel, per say. it's just dumb and if other sites eventually pick up traction people will surely stop playing MTTs on PokerStars in their current format.
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