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Re: PokerStars MTT Thread

Originally Posted by mecantplay View Post
I loved a lot to play those 180 micro sttmtt during the challenge. It would be very nice if somehow PS made some permanent promo for 180 so they load faster during the normal lurking day at Europe. Like u cant play only micro/low stakes mtts during that time if u live in restricted country and u have to play some 6/9/18/45 bots sngs.
A permanent promo would be nice or some kind of this or maybe leaderboard for 180 (and others).

I miss battle of the planet... Was nice to play 9 and 27 man and have those prizes.
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Re: PokerStars MTT Thread

About timing of winter series...

You guys obv realize that target are new players that will have free time to fire some mtts right???

The regs should adapt and wage their priorities and do as think is best for them.

So little less whining and looking wider picture and not just self-interest and support positive things

Definitely this is way beter for poker then "more rake is better", thought is really close obv lol

Little healthy competition and wonders will happen #makePokerPartyAgain

P.s. i really hope as many recs bink as many mtts posible in this series vamooo
And yea leaderboard will be nice too
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old hand
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Re: PokerStars MTT Thread

ppl complain too much a few months ago everyone complain about midstkes now we just have 2 and ppl complain about dates
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Re: PokerStars MTT Thread

i really like the winter series
and the hyper and turbo events @ 22:00 CET
i can play all of them if i want too as they start just after work for me
overall good series but as always a few complaints
guarntees are too low
and a leaderboard of some sort would have been nice
my idea would have been 5 leaderboards one for micro/low/medium/high and one overall and 1st place gets a 25k$ Players Championship package and some
satellite tickets for top 100
top 25 get 530$ sat tickets and 25-100 get 109$ tickets
some sort of leaderboard is always nice and motivates some players to play
the whole series and not miss any events
and it would have been nice for some regs if you had announced it two weeks ago 1st of december would have been the right date to put it in the client
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Re: PokerStars MTT Thread

Finally a series people from asia/oceania can play without having to take days off work.
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