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Re: PokerStars MTT Thread

I mean i haven't even fired the million yet today.

Party poker is smoking you today
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Re: PokerStars MTT Thread

The schedule that runs on server restart day needs to be updated too. Allow Bounty Builders on that day (both $22 and $3.30 which is scheduled before the server restart) to become re-entries. Convert $3.30 BB hyper to 6 max. Run TKO hyper tourneys, few more micro hyper pko tourneys. And finally once the server resumes, add additional special tourneys. Lots of special tourneys (BB, Hot) gets missed once the server resumes.
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Re: PokerStars MTT Thread

Just me or did they just recently change the PCA sats to follow the WCOOP "satellite qualifiers can't unregister (from $530 qualifier)" and to not allow you to enter satellites to that $530 qualifier once you've won 1 seat to it? I could've sworn I'd qualified and unregistered from it previously, but today I won a seat and can no longer enter any other qualifiers, leaving me with worthless $109 and $55 PCA tickets from Spin & Gos. This is super annoying and also seems foolish to apply that policy to this satellite considering 4 re-entries are allowed. I get not allowing multiple actual PCA seats to be won, but c'mon.
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Re: PokerStars MTT Thread

Very few tournaments added to micro stakes ,also the removed 2.20 pko no late registration 500 granted isnt coming back....i think u must add more cuz rec players like them also fun players like me ...
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Re: PokerStars MTT Thread

Luke, the Structure of the 2$ Rebuy at 17.00MEZ make not really Sense, better make this with the same Structure as all other Reg-Speed Rebuys (Daily Dollar Rebuy and the 5$ Rebuy at 19.00 MEZ for example)!
With the New Structure a lot of Players dont play the Rebuy Periode (they will make LateReg in AddOn Periode), this is bad for the Prize Pool and your Rake!
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Re: PokerStars MTT Thread

why have they changed the $11 omaha rebuy at 1509 uk time to $7.50? if anything they shouldve increased the buy not reduced it
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Re: PokerStars MTT Thread

A+ troll from stars making terrible changes overall and presenting them in such a way that at first glance regs are thinking 'finally!'

- 'bigger' and 'hotter' = better guarantee and structure, NOT simply adding reentry. The former would result in people playing a bit higher on a Sunday, the latter makes the upper bi bigs/hots skippable especially with new offerings on Partypoker on Sundays (wp party)

- 'Daily marathon': people read this and think 'great', then see it's a $55 10k gtd with 2x reentry. Joke of a timbey which will die an agonizing death once people see past the blue label. Make it 25k+ gtd and MAYBE it has a chance

- Who hates 6max this much at Amaya and why?

I could go on but what's the point, I'm not even that long in poker and even I get nostalgic thinking about the old Pokerstars and what it used to stand for. Your site is becoming more of a joke every day and with other sites putting in more effort specifically with mtt schedules/series this will not be pretty in x ammount of time (you have an influence on the 'x' but are doing it wrong)
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