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Re: PokerStars MTT Thread

Stop with the re-entries. Just stop. Its the one last thing that was keeping me from putting most of my volume over to party.

Re entry at mistakes specifically are an absolute disaster for recs as the top tier guys will destroy those games.

You have absolutely ruined the marathon by making it re entry. That game will be absurdly tough as a daily MTT with re entry. Thanks.
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Re: PokerStars MTT Thread

I was happy to see you bring back the hotter/biggers, but to have them as re-entry is a mistake imo

And also, rip sunday marathon, which was one of my favorite tournaments.. Well who knows, maybe the gtd will make 60k+ anyways now that's its re-entry (lol)....

You guys keep dissapointing when I think it's not possible anymore, gz
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Re: PokerStars MTT Thread

Originally Posted by Re8uZ View Post
first and most important i think 2x rentries are way way too much 1x rentry is okish

also i think this adjustments should make schedule better imo

- daily 55$ marathon should start at least 1h-1:30h earlier

Having Big44 and Marathon55 in same time slot is nonsense imo...
All games on winamax are 1x reentry,and they have great success,there is no need for 2x ...
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Re: PokerStars MTT Thread

Great changes for me personally but I doubt all the extra re entries will be great for the ecosystem. Loving the 2k weekly and 530 daily, looks like party finally forced you to do something about the highstakes offering
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Street Urchin
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Re: PokerStars MTT Thread

Originally Posted by LittleGoliath View Post
so let me summarize this
i guess, if I had to say one positive thing, it's the 55 daily marathon now, but w/e that's like 1 good change vs inf terrible others
Nah, even the marathon is rebuy after tomorrow

Luke, I will not play any* of your tournaments which are re-entry.

*possibly the Sunday million, but that's it...
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Re: PokerStars MTT Thread

Originally Posted by blakkman08 View Post

Adding reentry to previously medium sized or 56$+ mtts is terrible

+1 to this. think adding re-entries would have been fine up to a point where regs/recs might have used it somewhat equally. Sub 22 Bigs/Hots maybe. But this could very likely be the death penalty for most non-featured +44s. To be fair non-featured non-PKOs above 44 have been pretty much dead before anyway afaik. So not 100% sure how serious this is going to be in reality.

- i actually like the re-implementation of bigger/hotter tag , also i think having minis/originals starting at same time is kind of a good move. especially regarding the ton of ppl complaining about the mini million starting too late.
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