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Paco Maretti
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I am quitting Poker (temporarily)!

This is my first post on this forum and unfortunately it is not a positive thread. I started playing online poker about a year ago on here in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have managed to take down a few MTT's and at times have had a decent bankroll. However, every time I build a bankroll up I go on a downswing and try to make up my losses by playing cash games. Of course I end up getting wrecked and have to start all over again. For a few months I just kept re-depositing, re-depositing, and re-depositing. At times I deposited $10-$20 per night 5-7 days a week. As usual I came up short and ended up not taking any MTT down. Money is not the problem because I am grateful to have a full time job but I hate to keep loosing at a game I love and have so much passion for. I guess I just do not know how to deal with all the variance and obviously need to improve my game. I want to get better so I decided to stop playing as of tonight until I save up a proper bankroll ($300-$500). I will then commit myself to only focusing on MTT's online and occasionally play cash games but only live as I tend to do well live. I will be studying and watching poker content I least 5 days a week. If there is anyone that lives in Las Vegas, Nevada that is willing to work with me to improve my game please let me know. I will really appreciate any help, suggestions, feedback, etc. Thank you all!
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Re: I am quitting Poker (temporarily)!

1 Post, 1 Retirement. The life!
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Re: I am quitting Poker (temporarily)!

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Re: I am quitting Poker (temporarily)!

Some tips:

Have seperate bankrolls for cash and MTTs. Never chase mtt losses with cash, redeposit if your mtt roll is gone.
keep a good BRM (like 30 BI for MTTs when you have a "redeposit-roll" (<100$) and when you start to get more money on your account (which easily happens since you dont blow it on cash and play with a BRM) you tighten up your BRM and voilá.

cash out whenever you feel, that you have too much money on your account so that the games you should play according to your BRM are too hard for you. for example you play with a 100BI BRM and got 5000$ on it, but can't beat 50$ MTTs. Cash out 3000$ so you can be winning at 20$ mtts again.
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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: I am quitting Poker (temporarily)!

you'll be missed
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