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Arrow FREE High Quality MTT-strategy

Let´s get this going!

I want to make off-the-table work more fun and efficient, by collaborating. You suggest what do to and I will publish the results here!

First I want suggestions of what to do, starting now.
Then let us together apply our best constructive critical thinking to improve the process as we go. I will show you what I do and any tips will be appreciated!

I will publish everything in this thread. (If you want some suggestions or work done in private, just PM and I will not mention it here).

I have good experience as a full-time player for many years, across formats but mainly SNG/MTT online. I´ve grinded the highest SNG-stakes and high MTTs up until a year ago. Now I keep it as a hobby, but I consume all the material, I buy all the tools, and I still want to keep sharp to play some high value events every now and then!

Please ask for whatever you think is high value to work on and I will prioritize as I see fit!
I can do anything with:
Hand2note and population analysis.
Piosolver edge
Holdem resources calculator
Cardrunners EV

If you have recommendations for other products or software just please let me know!

With all the variables in MTTs there seems to be an infinite amount of things to do. The challenge I see is to decide where to start and what to focus on first. Hit me with your thoughts, dreams and desires about MTT strategy work!

Yours sincerely,
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Re: FREE High Quality MTT-strategy

What a generous offer.
I know what Hand2Note is but how would you use it for population analysis?
Also in general how would one go about doing some simple population analysis?
Thank you.
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Old 06-17-2017, 08:29 PM   #3
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Re: FREE High Quality MTT-strategy

Thank you, Im sure it will be win/win for everyone

As for Hand2note it has the feature range research.
You can see their own presentation on it here:

The simplest yet very useful thing is to show population preflop-ranges filtered by format, stakes and different stackdepths I would say.

It is as easy to see postflop-ranges with regards to different bet-sizes used. From this you can investigate if players use a larger cbet-size relative to the pot-size when they have a stronger/made hand for instance.

Great question, there is a lot that can be done really, and Im not yet an expert at Hand2note by any means so Im up for suggestions!
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