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Old 04-16-2021, 11:34 AM   #51
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Re: CoronacharityMTTWarChallenge :)

Much much love for you krendipont <3
Wish you best of luck for the rest of the month, Im sure Karma will do its part.
I did not play the whole week cause I had lots of work to do. I will jump into action tomorrow again. Scoop day 2 went out pretty disgusting, I hope for more luck the next days. next week I plan to play min 4 sessions - lets see if I manage to do this.
Profit for april is still stuck around 2.5k, but hey might be down aswell so its fine for me.
Maybe some other sunrunners gonna jump in for charity aswell.
Stay safe nerds
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Old 04-27-2021, 05:49 AM   #52
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Re: CoronacharityMTTWarChallenge :)

the grind is finished and I managed to loose only a small percentage of my series profits. I am quite burned out now and in not the best of health conditions, but I managed to book a little score on the GGSF leaderboad by being disciplined (or a degen...) playing from the hospital bed one day after having surgery, that has to be some kind of accomplishment (had acute appendicitis). And I booked a win in a GGSF event 3 days after being released.
So will take a bit off now to get in better shape again and spend some time with family. Yadda yadda bla bla bla, I will spare you more boring personal stuff.
Donated 2,5k, hope that helps a little bit.
Might be back for WCOOP or WSOP online or whatever the next grindathon will be....

On another note, dogman RIP

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